IV NAD Detox

IV NAD Detox: A natural And Speedy Way of Recovery

You might be aware withdrawal is a long and painful process. Symptoms such as diarrhea, depression, fatigue, server nausea, and seizures are associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. It is almost impossible and even dangerous to treat withdrawal symptoms at home. Once the symptoms are minimized or eliminated, patients may focus on long-term recovery. Physicians and clinical staff at MyConciergeMD are dedicated to providing the most comfortable and effective pathway to free our patients including innovative IV NAD detox therapy

NAD Cellular Detox is offered in few chosen centers all over the United States including our state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles which has proven to provide the best IV NAD Detox therapy. Patients who choose MyConciergeMD arrive from across the United States in search of a better way to overcome addiction. We provide customized plans for each patient and see that great high-quality care is taken for each unique individual.

There are many benefits to this unique treatment option. One of the greatest benefits is that the IV NAD detox treatment effectively eases the discomfort of withdrawal. Through treatment, cravings are significantly reduced and the detox process speeds up at an increased rate. In fact, traditional detox medications are less required.

Apart from providing detoxification to the body total sobriety is provided by NAD within few days. Once a patient has reached our drug treatment center, normal dopamine levels will increase six-fold after a 10 day NAD infusion, which normally takes one year on an anti-depressant.

What Is NAD?

Brain Restoration Therapy is now provided through the NAD treatment center. Brain destroying diseases like addiction, chronic stress, alcoholism, anxiety, and depression can be easily elevated through NAD treatment.  People who suffer from substance abuse and addiction are healed with hope by the NAD medical team. No doubt the effects of detoxification diminish through NAD treatment and an addiction specialist of NAD at MyConciergeMD will help in restoring the brain function so as to support the ongoing treatment and aftercare.

How Is NAD Used In Detox And Addiction?

A mega dose of NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is provided through a 10 day IV treatment. NAD is a coenzyme of niacin or B3 which helps in releasing energy to the body cells. The cellular process and chemical changes in the brain speed up. Hence the mind and body are equipped to move forward for a successful recovery. NAD helps to detox the patients suffering from anxiety, fatigue, depression, and brain healing and anti-aging series. Though IV bag is nourishing you there is still a possibility to take care of the basic needs like going to the bathroom, lying on the bed, eating or sitting on the chair. Our staff will go over every possible outpatient option for you and provide resources for support and care outside of the facility should you choose this natural, reliable treatment option.

For addiction, there are four NAD Cellular Detox protocols provided by our addiction specialists. These treatment protocols are for stimulants, alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates. These are 10-day infusions which may require seven to eight hours a day. Energy starts increasing inside the brain and the heart cells immediately after receiving the infusions of NAD. As such, the mood of the patient improves by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters namely serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.

What Are The Benefits Of NAD?

  • NAD Plus: It is a potential therapy for the age-related degenerative disease. In fact, NAD+ is found in every cell in the body which is essential for life. This therapy helps in transferring the energy from the foods we eat to the vital cell functions. NAD + may also help in turning off the genes which accelerate the degenerative aging process. Mitochondrial function is impaired as NAD+ levels decline which results in fewer mitochondrial survivals. Many physical symptoms of aging are because of the vicious cycle of mitochondrial depletion.
  • NAD Detox: There are various benefits of NAD detox like getting your anti aging on, maximizing the brain power, beating the fatigue, natural treatment of addiction, reduction of pain and boosting the metabolism. Boosting the NAD levels helps the body to heal in a better way. NAD may help in reducing the carvings which are associated with alcohol and opiate withdrawal. The production of ATP cells increases inside the body. NAD therapy may also increase the function of your neurons while protecting the cells from damage toxicity and death.
  • NAD IV Therapy: Human beings require energy. In fact, ninety percent of the physical energy must be made available through a biochemical process within the body cells. Glucose is considered as the fuel to the power plants and it is obtained from the foods which we consume through digestion. Our body requires a coenzyme to produce energy. NAD is considered as a co-enzyme which helps in maintaining a process of creating energy in the power plants. Deficiency of NAD may lead to metabolic energy deficiency. NAD enzymes are responsible for every activity of life.
  • NAD For Addiction: Drug and alcohol abuse makes the human brain reorganize on a cellular level. Such a process is known as neuroadaptation and it is directly responsible for addiction-related brain damage along with depletion of neurotransmitters. NAD therapy helps in replenishing the drained enzymes while targeting the brain restoration. After receiving the NAD IV treatment the patient is advised to deal with psychological aspects of addiction, otherwise, there is a chance of relapse.

The first use of NAD was recorded in South Africa in 1961 and this treatment is relatively new to the United States and it may require additional research and evaluation but data proves that highest success rates with NAD are among alcohol and opiate addicts. Our expert team and trained addiction specialists at MyConciergeMD are eager and ready to help you or a loved one overcome their addiction today. Call us to schedule an informational meeting to talk about NAD treatments for drugs and alcohol.