Kybella Injections Los Angeles

Kybella also termed as double chin is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to server fat on upper neck. Naturally occurring molecule available in this injection is capable of eating away at fat. While injected appropriately all other cells are left healthy and intact. This treatment for double chin is termed as Belkyra in Canada, Australia, and U.K and this treatment is not approved or recommended on areas other than the double chin.

Our physicians at MyConciergeMD have formulated a fast and effective nonsurgical injection to combat double chins and remove its existence for good! The trained staff at our clinic in Los Angeles has produced age shifting results for hundreds of clients who desired a younger looking appearance without the hassle of major surgery. Our treatment results paired with specific, catered treatment plans has made MyConciergeMD the go-to center for Kybella treatments within the United States.

Kybella: Double Chin Fat Removal

Medically double chin is known as submental fat. Kybella is a nonsurgical injection designed for the treatment of double chin caused by submental fat. The active ingredient of this chin fat removal is a deoxycholic acid which is capable of removing submental fat.  When injected under the chin as a double chin removal kybella works while destroying subcutaneous fat cells. After these cells (Submental fat) are destroyed there is little chance of accumulating fat. Deoxycholic acid an active ingredient of Kybella is also produced by the body in the bile which helps in fat absorption. Our physicians carefully administer injections targeting fat and removing submental fat with ease and in a timely manner!

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Removal of Double Chin

The procedure to remove a double chin may take three to four kybella treatments. This treatment for double chin reduction just consumes 15 minutes leaving you time to continue with your day as routinely scheduled. You could even pop over to our office and receive your treatment during your lunch break!

Throughout the procedure one of our doctors assigned to your treatment will explain everything beforehand, inject lidocaine under the chin to numb and proceed with the Kybella injection. Slight swelling is a possible side effect that tends to subside in most patients within one or two days. If you have any questions about side effects ask one of our physicians or medical professionals. We will do everything we can to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you have.

Double Chin injections

The under neck injection treatment is repeated within six weeks after the first treatment. Initially, the patient may witness a sensation of mild heat and swelling and this may or may not last for several weeks as the treatment takes effect. With time, the patient may notice a smoother, firmer contour to the tissues under the chin. Most patients require three or more such treatments but every patient is unique and the treatments are fully customized. Kybella treatments from our physicians has been developed and fine tuned to be one of the best and most innovative treatments to combat stubborn fat and skin around the chin and refine it to yield amazing results.

Chin Fat Removal with Kybella Injections

Kybella injections are making headlines because FDA approved noninvasive chin fat reduction procedure. Kybella is the best chin fat removal treatment as it is nonsurgical. With a series of injections, there shall be no anesthesia, no leaking wounds, and little downtime. Though the patient has to accept some sort of swelling, redness, bruising and hardness and the treatment area is always underneath the chin.

For years the expert trained staff at our Concierge Doctor Office has perfected the art of Kybella and produce transformative results for our clients. We pride ourselves in providing the best service and treatment for all procedures done in office. Our friendly and welcoming staff is ready to give you all the necessary information for your Kybella treatment. Call us today!

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