Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Specialist in Concierge Medicine & Executive Health. Dr. Nazarian practices Integrative Medicine with focus on preventative medicine, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy and IV Vitamin optimizations. Dr. David Nazarian, received his bachelor of sciences from the University of Los Angeles, California in Psychology and Biology. He obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Sackler School of Medicine. He completed his medical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a University of Southern California affiliate hospital. Once completed, he established a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills. Dr. Nazarian is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a top doctor in his field.

How Long Does a TDAP Vaccine Last - MyconciergeMD

How Long Does a TDAP Vaccine Last?

Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough: the three life-threatening bacterial diseases. The question is, how can you protect yourself from these three troubles? The answer is easy: Tdap. Tdap is a combination vaccine that protects preteens and adults against these three diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. Especially pertussis or whooping cough as pertussis is…

Differences Between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine - MiconciergeMD

What Are the Differences Between Family Medicine vs. Internal Medicine

Family medicine and internal medicine: are they the same or different? One of the most confusing topics for both the doctors and the patients. Internal and family medicine doctors are primary care doctors and have training in several subspecialties; however, there are fundamental differences. So, what are the differences between family medicine vs. internal medicine?…

How Accurate is Telomere Testing - MyConciergeMD

How Accurate is Telomere Testing

Telomere testing: a trendy genetic test that extracts information from DNA in your chromosomes. However, new telomere testing is becoming profoundly popular. A simple face swab, saliva collection, or finger prick can give valuable information about you, your family tree, your lineage, or your risk of contracting diseases. More importantly, it can provide information about…