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My Concierge MD was created with the vision and commitment of bringing back personalized and comprehensive medical care. Our mission is to build and maintain a patient-centered concierge medical practice where your needs are prioritized and your treatment is personalized.

Concierge medicine is founded on a personal doctor-patient relationship where the patient pays an annual fee (or retainer) for a more personalized medical care for themselves and their family. Concierge doctors see less patients and can spend more time and energy on providing the best medical care possible.

Why is a concierge doctor better for you?

A concierge doctor is unlike traditional doctors in many ways. A concierge doctor manages a limited number of patients which ensures that each patients gets more attention during focused examinations. Instead of accepting thousands of patients at his center and rushing through each appointment to make it on time, Dr. Nazarian deals with a select few families, establishing a personal connection with each. One of his goals is to create a safe, committed relationship between physician and patient so you can feel confident that you will have a trustworthy partner through your journey who is proactive and available to you by your side when needed.


Dr. Nazarian has been practicing for many years and has built an excellent team of professional physicians with whom he works on a daily basis. He has won many awards including Patient’s Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award from Vitals.

At My Concierge MD, the words “family doctor” is more than just a job. Our staff will take the extra time to fully know you, your complete medical history, your lifestyle, and your current health through extensive consultations and advanced screening testing.

Our passion and commitment at My Concierge MD ensures that you receive the best quality care available. Our medical practice can be summed up in three words: premium, professional, andpersonalized.


As a patient of ours, you will receive:

Personalized Care & Treatment

To provide you with the best medical care possible, our physicians don’t simply process your medical data. They spend time to get to know you and your family so they can tailor your treatment to your exact needs. As our patient, you will receive time and attention from physicians who care for your health in every way.

Our physicianswill discuss your medical history with you, learning about your lifestyle choices, habits, and preferences. They are experts whose mission is to commit to your health and wellbeing in every aspect of your life. Our yearly executive physicals offer you a detailed assessment of your health status using diagnostic and screening tests to identify any early signs or issues you might be facing. In addition, you will receive annual pneumonia and flu vaccinations, vitamin B12 injections, and tuberculosis testing, if indicated.

Schedule a Consultation

Concierge Doctor & COVID-19 Pandemic

During these difficult times, we are providing telehealth consults for COVID-19 infections as well as in home COVID-19 testing, and testing via our two drive through locations. We are also assisting patients who may need to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 and will be assisting them throughout the process. Once a vaccine for COVI-19 is available and safe, we will be providing it to the patients in our practice.

Priority Access

A valuable advantage of our concierge practice is priority access. As a patient, you will get 24/7 direct telephone access as well as enhanced communication via email, text messaging, or cell phone (except during vacation or emergency when coverage will be provided). Our extended office hours guarantee that your physicians will be there for you whenever you need them.

No more long waiting times at the doctor. At My Concierge MD, you will be able to easily book same day or next day appointments without worrying about queues or scheduling issues. With little to no office waiting time, your doctor visits will become a more relaxed experience.

Another benefit of our concierge practice is its guaranteed quality wherever you are. Our physicians are available for house calls so you can easily receive the best medical care at the comfort of your own home. If you need medical help at your workplace or at a hotel, our physicians will be available to answer all your questions and give you the best care in any place in the Los Angeles area.

Premium Medical Services

Our values at My Concierge MD are focused on top quality preventive medicine. Our physicians will not only treat your symptoms but they will work hard to prevent them using advanced screening testing. Special screening tests are performed to assess your risk of developing certain conditions before their signs start showing. Performing regular colonoscopies, scans, and blood tests to screen for serious conditions like cancer and heart disease is at the core of our medical practice. By focusing on your long-term health, our physicians promise to keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy.

Our medical offices are furnished with the latest diagnostic equipment all in one facility so you do not need to visit multiple specialists to have different tests performed. Using the most advanced tools available, we perform ultrasound testing, cancer scans, heart check ups, and thorough laboratory blood work. You won’t need to wait for weeks to get your results back, at My Concierge MD you receive the latest expedited results and a detailed written report of findings from your physical examination.

Additionally, our team of experts performs some surgical treatments like wart removal and laceration repair to make sure you’re in perfect shape.

Advice From Top Specialists

Our team of doctors, headed by Dr. Nazarian, delivers the top medical advice and services to you and your family. You will have access to special services not found in other clinics such as consultations with a certified nutritionist including evaluation of body mass index, resting and basal metabolic rate, as well as body fat and muscle composition.

Our team is among the best in Los Angeles and they always coordinate with top specialists and an advisory board of experts in every field to help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Advanced Medical Solutions

At our Beverly Hills medical offices, you will get access to the latest advancements in medicine. Our team is currently providing in home testing for COVID-19 infection as well as treatments. Once a COVID-19 vaccine is available, we will also be offering it to our patients. Our team of professionals also perform cutting edge tests and procedures like capsule endoscopies, IV vitamin treatments, and hormone replacement therapy.

Our physicians are also experts in special fields including addiction detox, weight loss, sleep medicine, and anti-aging. Our addiction specialistoffers personalized alcohol, opioid, and benzodiazepine detox programs that can be followed through at our offices or at home.

As part of our integrative medicine approach, our weight loss program does not just target a number but an entire lifestyle that revolves around a healthy diet, sustainable fitness routines, and a balanced metabolic and hormonal profile. During your consultation with our nutritionist, various tests including Vo2 max testingand body composition testingwill be performed to make sure your personalized meal plan is perfectly tailored for you.

At My Concierge MD, you can openly discuss your sleeping problems and receive top medical advice that will help you sleep better. We perform sleep apnea tests at our Beverly Hills sleep center as well as home sleep studies throughout the Los Angeles area.

You will also gain the best experience at our anti-aging clinic where special methods like telomere testing andkybella injections are used to help you stay young and healthy while you manage the busy, stressful settings of everyday life.

To learn more about our services or to book an appointment at My Concierge MD, contact us on the following:

Telephone: 877-760-3570


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