Concierge Emergency Medical Care


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It can take hours to be seen by an emergency room physician in the average American hospital, yet the vast majority of those patients are discharged after being examined. An alternative to the expense and inconvenience of urgent care centers and emergency room visits is a healthcare delivery model commonly referred to as concierge medical care. Increasingly popular over the last decade, concierge medical care is a uniquely personalized model of healthcare in which patients have a great deal of direct contact with and access to physicians. The model includes concierge emergency medical care, with house calls, doctor visit to hotels, and round-the-clock appointment options.


Concierge emergency medical care helps prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room, especially when illnesses or injuries arise in the hours after traditional doctors’ offices have closed. A call to a concierge medical practice like Los Angeles-based My Concierge MD will be answered promptly, and an on-call physician will quickly help determine whether an ER visit is necessary, or if in-home urgent care services can effectively remedy the health issue in question. In the event that hospital admission is necessary, your concierge physician will make the necessary arrangements to admit you quickly and smoothly, and will coordinate your care with hospital physicians.


Concierge emergency medical care offers comfort, convenience, customization, and quality at a level not possible in a typical hospital emergency room. For visitors far from their home physician, for elderly patients who desire the convenience of on-call and in-home care, for individuals experiencing illness or injury during off-hours, or for busy families who simply want to make healthcare as convenient and as customized as possible, concierge emergency medical care services like those offered by My Concierge MD provide only the highest quality medical care.