Doctors who make house calls


Attentive in-home care from a trusted in home doctor is no longer a thing of the past. Our house call doctor and Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor has traded his over-booked schedule and rushed appointments for personal relationships and comprehensive care. Our home visit doctor and concierge doctor who makes house calls a priority, provides first-rate care, and is available to meet their patients’ routine or urgent medical needs in the comfort of their own homes. House calls and workplace visits from concierge physicians are convenient and high-quality alternatives to traditional healthcare delivery models.

My Concierge MD specializes in making medical house calls to the patient who values personalized, convenient care. You might consider switching to our concierge practice of doctors who make house calls for you. Patients chose our house call services if they :

  • Want annual, comprehensive exams, tests, and screenings
  • Want to avoid costly illnesses and urgent care needs by focusing on preventive care
  • Want your doctor to know and remember you, and to fully understand your family medical history, lifestyle, eating habits, and risk factors
  • Want to avoid the costs and red tape of insurance companies and HMOs
  • Want the ability to contact your doctor day or night, and to schedule same-day or next-day appointments
  • Want to be seen by your physician in the comfort of your own home, where you will not be exposed to other ill patients, and where you will not spend precious hours sitting in a waiting room
  • Want to work with your doctor to design a personalized healthcare plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Want to have a doctor on call
  • Want to schedule doctor home visits on their time

The highly trained, Board Certified physicians of My Concierge MD are available to make house calls throughout the greater Los Angeles area. My Concierge MD physicians provide thorough and unhurried exams. Doctors who make house calls are equipped to provide many of the services one would expect at a medical office or emergency facility.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 right away! Our doctors who make house calls do not treat medical emergencies and all medical emergencies should be seen in the Emergency Room.