How does Concierge Medical Care differ from a regular Doctor, Urgent Care Facility, or Emergency Room?

Concierge Medical Care provides you with greater availability and more attention from your doctor. As physicians are forced to see more patients and spend less time with those patients in order to stay in practice, the quality of medical care decreases. Unfortunately for you this means longer waiting time to see a doctor who often has little time to spend with you as other patients are waiting too. Concierge Doctors, sometimes referred to as boutique doctors, see less patients and offer greater attention than a typical doctor. Your Concierge Doctor will be able to take the time to diagnose, treat and explain any medical condition you may be experiencing along with better follow-up to make sure that you are fully cared for

While our Concierge Medical Care in Los Angeles treats most health conditions, we do not treat emergent conditions such as chest pain, shortness of breath and or loss of consciousness. For emergencies, an Urgent Care Facility or Emergency Room will still be required.