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Will the Concierge Doctor see my visiting family members if needed?

In the event you have family visiting or an out-of-town guest who becomes ill or may require other medical services on an unexpected basis, your Concierge Doctor will see your family or guest for their urgent medical care needs as if he/she were a member of their Los Angeles Concierge practice. Standard office visit fees apply.

How many patients does your Concierge Medical Practice in Los Angeles have?

Our Concierge Medical Practice in Los Angeles has a first-come, first-served Membership that will cap its retainer-based patients at 600 and additional patients who would like to join will put on a waiting list.

What happens when my Concierge Doctor is on vacation or otherwise unavailable?

Whenever unavailable, your Direct Care Doctor will arrange for you the same level of Concierge Medical Care in Los Angeles, Orange County,Ventura or the Inland Empire or that you have become accustomed to receiving. The covering physician will make sure to pass along the results of your session to your Direct Care Physician and you will receive the contact information for the covering Concierge Doctor as needed.

How does Concierge Medicine work with Specialists?

Concierge Doctors improve your healthcare through dramatically enhanced coordination with specialty care physicians. Our direct care specialists are hand-picked throughout Los Angeles and are of the highest caliber in their fields. The direct and close relationships we have with these top specialists guarantee that our patients recieve the most efficient and effective medical care possible. In most cases, your Concierge Doctor will personally discuss your condition with your specialist. This makes a tremendous difference in terms of your medical care, as your Concierge Doctor can now serve as the "quarterback" for all of thespecialist's needs, with specific knowledge of your health concerns and issues.

What if the Direct Care Physician decides that my illness requires additional testing and/or treatment?

In addition to our offices your Concierge Medical Physician can arrange for additional testing (e.g. x-rays, ekg, ultrasound, labs etc.) in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or hotel. If your condition requires hospitalization, then your Concierge Physician will directly admit you to the hospital for further testing and treatment.

If I am experiencing an emergency, should I call my Concierge Doctor?

Our Concierge Medical Practice is not an Emergency Room replacement and we do not treat patients with emergency conditions such as; chest pain, shortness of breath, head trauma or loss of consciousness. If you are having a medical emergency, please go directly to the E.R. or dial 911 immediately.

Will my travel insurance cover the fee for a house call or a hotel call?

We work with many of the large travel insurance companies and will provide to them the proper documentation for reimbursement. Some of the travel insurance companies that our patients have used to cover their medical expenses in the past are listed below. Most travel insurance plans will cover the fee for a house call doctor visit but you must contact your travel insurance provider in order to make sure of your medical benefits.

  • Travel Guard
  • Access America
  • CSA Travel Protection
  • HTH Worldwide
  • International Medical Group
  • Medex Insurance Services
  • MH Ross
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services
  • Seven Corners
  • Travel Insured International
  • Travel Insurance Services
  • Travel Safe
  • Travelex Insurance Services
How do I find a Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles?

Many of our patients are referred to as from existing patients or patients who have used are services. We believe that the relationship between a doctor and a patient is very personal and intimate and thus urge prospective patients to meet with concierge doctors they have in mind and see if it feels to be a good fit.

Dr. Nazarian's Concierge Medical Practice has been offering  unparalleled medical services to patients since its inception. Our state of the art offices are located in Beverly Hills and in Tarzana. Our offices are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment such as Treadmill Stress Testing, Thallium Nuclear Scan, Ultrasound , ABI, Comprehensive Laboratory Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, Body Composition Testing, Bone Density Testing, Virtual Endoscopy, Virtual Colonoscopy, H. Pylori Testing, Nutritional Services, a professional staff and more.

By joining our Los Angeles Concierge Medical Program, you and your loved ones will gain 24 hour access to your physician as well as a team of professionals who will keep you healthy. Your Concierge Physician will be your advocate and will make sure that all your medical needs are met promptly.  Dr. Nazarian will discuss your medical conditions with his team of specialists in order to get you the best and fastest care possible. Dr. Nazarian, a Los Angeles Concierge Doctor will make visits to your home, hotel, or place of work. As a Concierge Doctor, Dr. Nazarian will dedicate the time to provide you and your family the care you require. Please schedule an appointment to meet us in person.

Looking for a Urgent Care in Los Angeles?

There are many urgent cares in Los Angeles. The national average for wait time in an urgent care is around 4 hours. Having a Concierge Doctor come to you, allows you to have medical care in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office without the wait and exposure to germs and viruses. We are able to come to you and treat most medical conditions in a timely fashion. We can arrange the delivery of most medications to you without the extra wait in the long lines at the pharmacy. 

What is Integrative Medicine and Integrative Concierge Medicine?

Integrative Medicine and Integrative Concierge Medicine is the practice of treating the whole person through collaboration with Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, and Fitness Coaches. Our Integrative concierge practice will review aspects of your life that may be contributing to your symptoms and illnesses.