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When can I reach the on call doctor?

On call doctors are available 24 hours a day in the los angeles area to serve your medical needs. Doctors on call will discuss your medical issues and setup a time for you to be seen. Our 24 hour on call doctors do carry most medications with them and the tools to diagnose and treat you. Our 24 hour doctors are highly trained and qualified to diagnose and treat most medical conditions in the comfort of your home, hotel or place of work. Our Concierge Doctor and House Call Doctor visits are a great way to avoid the wait and frustration of a 24 hours clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Can I use my flexible spending accounts or medical saving account for Concierge Medical Services?

Your flexible spending account can be applied for the retainer fee charged for our concierge medical practice. By using your flexible spending account or medical saving account towards our concierge medical practice, your doctor will provide you and your family with a more personalized medical care and better health. Your concierge doctor can apply your Medical spending account and/or flexible spending account towards screening diagnostic testing, 24 hour access and many more services which are normally not covered by your insurance plan.

Our patients find that applying their flexible spending accounts and/or medical saving accounts towards the fees of our retainer based medical practice is both rewarding and easy. Not only do they not lose the balance remaining in their flexible spending and medical saving accounts at the end of the year, but they find themselves getting considerably more out of their healthcare. Please call us now and one of our representatives will be happily provide you with more information.

Looking for a Los Angeles House Call Doctor?

Our highly trained Los Angeles House Call Doctor and Concierge Doctor is available to diagnose and treat your medical conditions in the comfort of your home, hotel or office. Our house call physicians arrive quickly and are equipped to diagnose and start treatment right away!

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine or a Concierge Medical Practice is a practice or a relationship between a physician and a patient in which the patient pays an annual fee or a retainer in exchange for a more personal and enhanced medical care. Boutique medicine and retainer-based medicine are the same terms as Concierge Medicine. In exchange the physician is able to treat far fewer number of patients and thus have more time available to the patients enrolled in the Concierge practice.

Our physicians provide many personal services such as visits to the home, hotel, or place of work. Patients are given access to the physician via cell phone and email in addition to access to a nutritionist and a fitness coach. Each patient enrolled in the boutique medical practice is offered a yearly Executive Physical in addition to advanced laboratory and diagnostic testing.

Looking for a sleep study?

Our state of the art los Angeles sleep center offers the most modern sleep study equipment available. Our sleep doctors are able to diagnose and start treatment for the underlying cause of your sleep problem so that you may finally obtain a good nights asleep.

Looking for a sleep center in Los Angeles?

Our state of the art sleep center and sleep lab is equiped with the most advanced and modern equipment to diagnose your sleep condition. Our sleep center is staffed with a professional team who will look after you while you sleep at our center.

What is the value of a concierge doctor?

Many of our patients have approached us and expressed to us their uttermost satisfaction and happiness over our concierge medical practice and their regret for not making the change earlier had they known about it. We would like to take this opportunity and share what others value in regards to being part of our concierge medical practice. Please view our testimonials.

What Medical Services Are Eligible Under FSA?

Medical Flexible Spending Accounts, commonly referred to as FSAs, allow employees to set aside income from their paychecks—pre-tax—into a sort of medical savings account; these dollars can later be used to reimburse those individuals for certain medical expenses incurred by them or by dependents over the course of the year, at a significant tax savings. Eligible medical expenses that are generally covered by medical flexible spending accounts include services that are not covered by insurance, such as co-pays, certain screenings and preventive exams, nutrition and smoking cessation plans, and much, much more.

Though traditional insurance plans do not cover these medical needs, these services and more are available at our state of the art preventive medical facility in Los Angeles. My Concierge MD provides comprehensive physical examinations with focus on preventive care, early diagnosis and wellness. Our concierge physicians treat patients holistically, and are available to provide first-rate, personalized care to their patients twenty-four hours a day.

By choosing  our Beverly Hills concierge medicine practice, patients avoid the hassles of insurance companies, HMOs, and fee-for-service models by paying a set annual retainer to gain round-the-clock access to a personal physician, available day and night for in-home or workplace visits. Immunizations, vaccinations, physicals and executive checkups, x-rays, ultrasounds, cardiac workup, cancer screening, comprehensive blood testing, IV fluids, and more can be provided at the office or in-home at the convenience of each patient.

The retainer model of concierge medicine makes determining FSA payroll deductions that much simpler. Our concierge physicians can help determine what medical services are eligible under FSA, allowing you to apply your FSA funds to a host of personalized medical expenses including on-call medical services, diagnostic testing, nutrition and wellness planning, and many other services not typically covered by insurance. According to Dr. David Nazarian, Board Certified physician at My Concierge MD, “our patients find that applying their flexible spending accounts or medical saving accounts towards the fees of our retainer based medical practice is both rewarding and easy. Not only do they retain the balance remaining in their flexible spending and medical saving accounts at the end of the year, but they find themselves getting considerably more out of their healthcare.”

Making The Most Of Your Flexible Spending Account

Thinking of making the most of your flexible spending account?  Read further…

Our concierge medical practice provides numerous screening and preventative examinations, as well as alternative treatments often times not covered by traditional insurance. Many patients utilize their flexible spending accounts for cancer and heart screening tests, executive physical examinations, nutrition consultations and nutritional support, IV vitamin therapy, to pay for their annual concierge medicine membership and more.

The cost of healthcare in the United States is rising, at the same time that rates of preventable health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease among Americans continue to increase. Studies show that visiting one’s primary care physician regularly and taking preventive care measures to prevent diseases and injuries before they happen, rather than simply treating their symptoms, is not only a more cost-effective approach to healthcare, but one that will keep Americans healthier and living longer.

Taking measures to prevent diseases by designing personalized wellness and nutrition plans, undergoing regular Executive Physicals, and by catching risk factors and warning signs early through screenings, can both save lives and prevent patients from requiring costly hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and urgent care center fees. Preventive care is the single most important step we can take to protect our health, yet many diagnostic exams and preventive screenings are not covered by insurance companies.

Since the mid-1990s, concierge medical practices have begun stepping in to provide these critical preventive care services.  My Concierge MD provides fee for service care in addition to a retainer fee model and direct access to your own  personal physician. This physician will provide comprehensive care and meaningful preventive services like Executive Physicals and diagnostic tests—ones on which traditional medical practices tend not to focus.

Because concierge practices like My Concierge MD charge a one-time annual membership retainer to cover all non-emergency health needs, a concierge membership is an ideal way for making the most of your flexible spending account as offered by many employers. Employees enrolled in FSAs determine the amount of pre-tax earnings to set aside from each paycheck, and can then use that money to cover medical costs. Concierge memberships provide predictable annual costs, ensuring that no unused FSA dollars are lost at the end of the year, and provide a significant tax savings—all while improving health through preventive care and round-the-clock access to Board Certified physicians.

Can Your Health Savings Account Be Applied To Your Concierge Medicine Retainer Fee?

Common Question:  Can your health savings account be applied to your concierge medicine retainer fee?  YES. My Concierge MD allows patients the power to take control of both their wellness and their finances.

In Los Angeles, Dr. David Nazarian and colleagues at My Concierge MD provide comprehensive physicals such as executive physicals, a variety of screening diagnostic tests such as cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function studies, weight loss, iv vitamin therapy, preventive exams, and much more as part of a one time fee. Patients can also put their FSA towards a one-time concierge membership annual retainer fee.

Our concierge medicine practice in Beverly Hills provides first-class medical care, dedicates quality time to each appointment, and works to proactively manage each patient’s health—all while giving HSA- and FSA-enrolled patients and families predictable costs at a tax advantage.

With the increasing rise in popularity of concierge medical practices nationwide, individuals interested in the personalized care and convenient service of concierge medicine are finding that the annual fee charged by these unique practices can also have significant tax advantages. 

For patients enrolled in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) through an employer, or who have established an individual Health Savings Account (HSA), using their tax-preferred monies to pay for annual concierge medicine membership fees is a smart use of healthcare dollars. Created in 2003, Health Savings Accounts are tax-advantaged medical savings accounts available to Americans covered by high-deductible health plans. Funds placed in these accounts can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses without penalty or federal tax liability.

With the necessary documentation from a concierge physician, patients enrolled with these practices can use their tax-advantaged HSA or FSA funds to pay for their physician’s annual fee or services. Fees collected by concierge practices for services such as convenient access to a doctor or in-home appointments, can typically be reimbursable by HSA and FSA accounts as they constitude medical services.

Can your health savings account be applied to your concierge medicine retainer fee?  In most cases, the answer is YES.  My Concierge MD allows patients the power to take control of both their wellness and their finances. 

Please contact us at 310-299-8959 to schedule your consultation today!