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Using Pretax Money To Cover Concierge Practice Fees

Thinking about using pretax money to cover concierge practice fees?  In today’s increasingly complicated healthcare system—one in which insurance companies, Medicare, and HMOs cover fewer and fewer medical services and preventive care measures—physicians and patients alike are flocking to the innovative concierge medicine model, popularized on the West Coast in the mid-nineties. Rather than being compensated by insurance billing per number of patients seen or services provided, concierge physicians like Dr. David Nazarian of Los Angeles-based My Concierge MD dramatically limit the number of patients they see, instead charging an annual retainer to members. This annual fee takes the burden off physicians to continually increase their volume for insurance reimbursements, and allows them the flexibility to dedicate unhurried, high-quality time to each patient.

Thanks to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts offered by many employers, patients of some concierge medical practices can now be reimbursed with pre-tax money for these annual membership retainers. Pre-tax dollars from both FSAs can be used to cover concierge membership fees as long as that fee includes the performance of a medical service, rather than solely nonmedical services or preferred access, says health benefits lawyer John Hickman in a 2010 New York Times interview.

In light of these FSA qualification requirements, FSA-friendly concierge practices like My Concierge MD can itemize members’ annual bills and receipts to specify the costs of physicals and medical services provided as part of the annual retainer fee. My Concierge MD will work with each patient and their human resources representative to clarify the requirements of his or specific plan, and will provide all necessary documentation to ensure that those patients with flexible spending or health savings accounts can be reimbursed with tax-advantaged dollars for taking this important step toward better health and wellness.

Please contact us today and one of our representatives will discuss the different ways in which you and your loved ones are able to better utilize your Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings account. Using pretax money to cover concierge fees through FSA & HSA can be discussed for a variety of screening and preventative tests and measures which are normally not covered by your insurance company.

Find a primary care physician in Beverly Hills


Our doctors understand the importance of having an educated, able, affable and available primary care physician or internist is to the wellbeing of your health. We have setup our practice in a way that provides a unique level of personal care and attention to our patients.

By meeting and spending time with our board certified physicians you and your loved ones will recognize the qualities and practices we have implemented to better serve your medical needs.

We value the trust that our patients have placed in us and strive to exceed all their expectations and needs.   We believe in the importance of a sustained relationship between our patients and physicians. Please call us today at 877-760-3570 and visit our Beverly Hills primary care practice today. Let us manage the most important asset in your life, Your Health!   

Find a physician beverly hills?


We recognize how difficult it can be to find the right physician to provide the high quality of care that you deserve and need. We have thus chosen and build personal relationships with the top physicians in the different fields of medicine in the Los Angeles Area and in Beverly Hills. You can be confident that you will receive the highest level of care possible by allowing us to manage and guide your health needs. Our established relationships allow us to schedule a needed appointment at your convenience and without the usual lenghty wait times.

Our physicians include top primary care physicians, internists, family medicine physicians, plastic surgeons, ENT physicians, Gastroenterologists (GI doctors), general surgeons, allergy specialists, neurologists, oncologists, pediatricians, cosmetic dentists, general dentists, emergency room physicians, psychiatrists, urologists, highly specialized physicians, cardiologists and more.

Please contact us today at 877-760-3570 and let us schedule you to be seen by the “right” physician.

What is a concierge doctor?

A concierge doctor is one who limits the number of patients he or she cares for at any given time by charging an annual retainer fee. By limiting his or her practice a concierge doctor is able to provide services which usually physicians who care for many more patients at a time lack the time to provide.
My Concierge MD is a premier provider of concierge medical services in the Los Angeles area. Our concierge medical practice offers extended visit times, preventative diagnostic testing, house calls, same day appointments, after-hour care, executive physical examinations, access via phone and email, nutritional services, access and coordination with top specialists, and more. The unique personal attention and focus our practice delivers will change the way you have till now look at medicine! Please contact our office to setup a time to meet our team and learn more about the ways we can help you reach your health goals.   

How to find a Concierge Doctor?

Concierge doctors have become more popular in the recent years as more and more patients are fed up with the quality of care they have been accustomed to receive. Finding the right concierge doctor or concierge medical practice is a personal and often times an intimate one. Given the vast amount of information on the internet, the logical choice would be to first locate the concierge doctors in your specific area. Once you have gathered a list of the concierge doctors in your area, you can start to research about the different doctors, their education, services, and most importantly what others have to say about them. Make an appointment to meet with perspective concierge doctors in your area. Learning more about them, their manner, staff and office setting will often times help in your decision making process.
My Concierge MD is a leader in high quality medical care and services in the Los Angeles Area. Please schedule an office visit to learn more about our concierge doctors and the services we offer.

Medical Flexible Spending Account | Concierge Medicine

Medical Flexible Spending Account


Much like a medical health savings account, medical flexible spending accounts allow employees to set aside a predetermined portion of their pre-tax income to pay for qualified health expenses for themselves, for spouses, or for dependents. Because this money is deducted from gross salary before income, social security, or Medicare taxes, medical flexible spending accounts allow Americans to pay for health expenses at a significant tax advantage.


Under the most common type of medical flexible spending account, money is deposited from each paycheck into a reimbursement account, which is then used to repay the employee for eligible medical costs incurred. Flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, save users tax dollars on eligible expenses not covered by insurance, including prescription medications, deductibles, and co-payments.


When enrolling in a medical flexible spending account plan, employees determine the amount of money they want to set aside from each paycheck for the coming year. They then must use the full amount set aside, lest they lose any unused dollars. Determining the appropriate amount to set aside can be difficult, as no one can successfully predict the frequency and the level of care that they and their families might require over the course of a year.


Concierge medical practices can take the guess work out of making the most of your FSA. By charging an annual retainer fee for a full year of on-demand personal medical attention—rather than charging individual fees per service provided—concierge medical services like those provided by Los Angeles’ My Concierge MD are predictable and reliable. By enrolling in concierge services through My Concierge MD, not only will you know exactly how much money to set aside for medical expenses through your flexible spending account/FSA, you will receive more personalized medical care than anything offered by traditional medical practices. At the same time you may choose to apply your medical flexible spending account for specific screening and preventative exams or any of our integrative treatments offered.