Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men around the world experience erectile dysfunction. Typically, erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Although a direct cause for this medical issue is currently unknown, erectile dysfunction can be treated with the following ED treatment injections offered by our trained specialists at MyConciergeMD at our Los Angeles clinic.

P Shot®

The Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot® is a customized injection of a patient’s plasma. These virtually painless injections use a male’s living cells to stimulate new tissue growth. Patients that choose to use the P-Shot® ED treatment injections will notice that the frequency of their erections increases as well as the firmness. Patients that have experienced a loss in sensitivity due to diabetes or other medical conditions may greatly appreciate the P-Shot’s® ability to increase sensation. Men who are struggling with ED may prefer to try this male enhancement first to experience a noticeable increase in performance and girth.

When visiting MyConciergeMD for a consultation about ED treatment, our physicians will be able to create the P-Shot® within a half an hour. During this time, one of our trained medical practitioners will withdraw platelet rich plasma from the patient’s body. Once the patient’s cells are collected, the P-Shot® can be created for administration. Patients that have not experienced satisfaction with any other male enhancement product tend to experience great success with the P-Shot®.

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Trimix Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Patients that are interested in an effective ED treatment injection that is also affordable may opt for Trimix injections provided by our physicians and trained medical practitioners at MyConciergeMD. Our ED injection combines three different medications into one shot. Patients will be recommended a particular dosage prior to injection for ED. These doses may be increased over time to accommodate for the current level of male enhancement needs.

Patients will inject the TriMix medication before intercourse and monitor their performance accordingly. This information is vital to determining the correct amount to administer in the future. Patients prefer to use the TriMix injections over other male enhancement products, due to its reliability, even under the influence of alcohol. In addition, these injections for ED are safe, long-lasting, and fast acting.

Together, the P-Shot® and the TriMix are viable options for those who are experiencing erectile disfunction. Regardless of which ED injection a patient chooses. My Concierge MD is prepared to assist our patients with their preferred treatment and educate our male patients on which treatment best fits his needs. For patients who are considering this viable male enhancement option, contact My Concierge MD today to schedule a consultation regarding erectile dysfunction treatment plans that will work for you!

Disclaimer: Priapus Shot® and P-Shot® are the registered trademark of Dr. Charles Runels. We do not provide the Priapus Shot® and P-Shot® but do provide PRP treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and other treatments to enhance sexual function and sensation.

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