Our Beverly Hills Facility is a proud provider of PRP face therapy with microneedling using the Eclipse PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Micro-needling system which are superior to other treatment modalities currently on the market.

What is PRP face therapy?

PRP face therapy and prp injection for face have gained recent attention in the media due to their use with A list Hollywood Stars.

The Vampire procedure and PRP face treatment involves the creation of small pores in the skin with a micro-needling device while at the same time applying a specific portion of one’s blood (Platelet Rich Plasma) to the face for absorption and rejuvination. PRP injections to various areas of the face in addition to applying platelet rich plasma on the face is performed while sitting comfortably in an exam chair. Platelet Rich Plasma is safely obtained by a blood draw and isolated by a special system in order to obtain protein growth factors and other components that have shown to initiate and promote collagen growth, rejuvenation and healing.

PRP Face Lift Side Effects

There can be some mild irritation, swelling, and bruising to the area of the face treated but this is dependent on the sensitivity of the skin. For the most part patients tolerate the prp face therapy with only minor side effects such as some mild irritation.

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PRP Face therapy Benefits and Results

The results and benefits of this procedure include skin tightening, a smoother and brighter face, improvement in sun spots, acne scars and more.

Recovery from the PRP treatment face rejuvination ?

There is not much downtime with this procedure since it is non-invasive. Patients may experience some irritation and redness of the face after the procedure.

PRP treatment face rejuvination before and after pictures

Face rejuvination, skin tightning, collagen production, acne scars, smoothing of bumps, removal of blemishes, removal of stretch marks.

PRP treatments can also be used for scars and stretchmarks.

PRP for face rejuvination Cost

The cost of the procedure is dependent on the area of the face and neck which requires treatment, number of injections in certain parts of the face and the number of times the procedure is repeated.

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