Private Health Management

My Concierge MD provides private health management for select families and individuals. Our expert team consisting of top physicians and top specialists coordinate all aspects of your medical care.

Our clients receive access to the latest and the most advanced comprehensive screening testing equipment and treatments available.

Our ability for early diagnosis and timely treatment from world class physicians will ensure you will receive the finest care possible.

Our team ensures that accurate diagnoses are made, appropriate tests are performed and the best treatment plans are provided.

Each individual under our care receives a customized comprehensive assessment of their medical records, medical history, family history, medical concerns, lifestyle, physical health, mental health and medications.

Tailored diagnostic and screening testing are then performed to assess for cardiac health, lung health, bone health, GI health,  cancer, nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, genetic abnormalities and more.

Customized medical research reports on individual conditions, prognosis and available treatment options.

As part of your care you will receive 24/7 access to our staff and your physician who will manage every detail of your care.