On Set Doctor Los Angeles

On Set Doctor Los Angeles

My Concierge MD can provide and on set doctor who is board certified and equipped to quickly diagnose and treat medical conditions that arise pre-production, during production or post-production.

Hectic production shooting schedules means flexible scheduling for your cast members and staff. We can generally be reached within 15 minutes of your call and a physician can generally be on site within an hour.  Our staff can arrange communication with the production managers or production coordinators.

We do carry most medications with us and may be able to dispense a starting dose while a prescription is provided to receive the remainder of the medication prescribed. Thus costly production can continue without delay.

Certain conditions arise that warrant a visit by a qualified physician that can better diagnose and treat the medical urgency that an on-set medic is not qualified to manage.  On set doctors sometimes referred to as "Rock Docs" have been providing on-set medical care for people in the entertainment industry for many years.

My Concierge MD's team of highly qualified and trained physicians have assembled the most up to date mobile diagnostic tools that can be transported to the production set for quick diagnosis and treatment.

Call us to schedule a visit with an on set doctor today!