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Laboratory Blood Work

What is Blood Testing?

A laboratory procedure or blood test is where blood is extracted from the patient’s major vein. Blood work results or blood analysis can determine a person’s physiological and biochemical condition, check organ functions, and aid in the process of treatment. It will help the doctor take a closer look and find the best possible treatment and care for you! Blood testing or a blood test is routinely performed as part of an annual physical or when your physician suspects an illness or an infection that a blood test can help diagnose.

Our Beverly Hills medical office provides full blood test, blood count test, tsh blood test, blood test for rheumatoid arthritis, blood test for lupus, blood test for cholesterol, blood test for liver, kidney, white blood cells, platelets, urine, blood sugars, iron, cancer, vitamin deficiencies and more.
What to expect before a blood test?

A physician or nurse will use a butterfly needle (a small needle) to extract blood from one of your veins. You may feel a slight pinch while this procedure is being performed. Blood draws can be done in the comfort of our Beverly Hills office or the comfort of your home, hotel, or office. There is zero down time needed after blood work has been done. Your physician may ask you to fast 12 hours prior to having your blood checked.

What laboratory tests are ordered from a blood draw?
Immune Function
Health of the Bodies Organs
Hormone Deficiencies
Prostate Status
Vitamin Deficiencies
What can be diagnosed from blood testing?
Lipid Panel
Hgb A1c
Vitamin D Levels
Vitamin B12 Levels
Folic Acid
Thyroid Panel
Hormone Panel
Testosterone Levels
Estrogen Levels
Vitamin Deficiencies
Coagulation Markers
Minerals and Electrolyte
Toxins, etc

How to prepare for blood testing?

We ask our patients to fast for a full 12 hours before a blood sample is taken. Please drink lots of water, making sure your veins are full. That will aid the phlebotomist in finding the correct veins. Please refrain from drinking any coffee or tea. Vitamins and your medications are ok to take.

Written by Dr. David Nazarian, M.D.
Concierge Medicine Specialist and Director of My Concierge MD in Los Angeles

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Specialist in Concierge Medicine & Executive Health. Dr. Nazarian practices Integrative Medicine with focus on preventative medicine, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy and IV Vitamin optimizations. Dr. David Nazarian, received his bachelor of sceinces from the University of Los Angeles, California in Psychology and Biology. He obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Sackler School of Medicine. He completed his medical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a University of Southern California affiliate hospital. Once completed, he established a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills

Dr. Nazarian is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a top doctor in his field. “I am passionate about delivering the highest level of care to my patients, and highly value the trust placed in me by my patients and their families.” Dr. Nazarian, Founder, My Concierge MD.