Just was thinking of you and your lovely wife. You are one good man and one dam good doc. You saved my life Doc. Thank You

Jim D, Los Angeles

Dr. Nazarian is an extraordinary internist and a gift to the medical profession.  He possesses a rare combination of vigilance, attentiveness, and professionalism, while providing insightful clinical wisdom and gold-standard medical care.  My father, his patient, is quite medically compromised with multiple complicated conditions necessitating specialized care and oversight.  Dr. Nazarian’s medical concierge practice has been a true blessing because of the top-notch personalized service he provides.  He approaches patient care as an artist, precise in detail, impeccable in diagnostic prowess, and passionate in advocating maximally for his clientele.  He is readily accessible and poised to help at anytime; always answering calls and e-mails expediently, making house calls whenever necessary, following up immediately to discuss test results, and coordinating care, diagnostic evaluations, and treatments with specialized health care providers.  There really are not enough words to properly describe or praise Dr. Nazarian.  My father, his caregiver, and our family feel that his care is finally being managed effectively through Dr. Nazarian’s top-notch concierge model of practicing medicine.

Stacey, Los Angeles

Dr. Nazarian is truly one of a kind. He is calmed mannered and full of knowledge. He always goes the extra mile and makes sure all your questions are answered. I have never felt rushed and always felt like I was in good hands. Dr. N is the best doctor I have ever had and I have recommended him to all of my friends and family.

Sammy G, Beverly Hils

I used to work with Dr. Nazarian in the West LA VA emergency room and think he is one of the best doctors out there. Being a nurse and having worked with a variety of doctors, Dr. Nazarian is at the top of my list and would want him as my family’s doctor. (Unfortunately, we live too far) I just wanted to congratulate Dr. Nazarian on starting MyConciergeMD and show my utmost support. I think this is a great idea and I know it will be such a success.

Jo Ann A. Los Angeles

If you are looking for a Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles then look no further! Best Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles. VIP service all the way.

Adam J. Los Angeles

I got Dr Nazarian’s number from my hotel front desk. He arrived promptly and was incredibly professional. I am from Australia  and had an awful gastric bug. He made me feel comfortable and treated me very well! His prices are fair, it would have been far more expensive to go to the emergency room.  

If you are unwell in any way and need a doctor I highly recommend him.

Tim P Westchester LAX

Dr Navarian attended to me whilst I was on holidays in los Angeles. He visited me at my hotel and was amazing. He was professional at all times, proactive in treating me and very understanding of our situation. He made an effort to call me each day after already reviewing me to check on my condition and went above and beyond in taking care of me and arranging for some additional tests. I can’t thank him enough for helping me which enabled  me to fly home. I wish he was in my hometown as I would love him to be our family doctor and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank u Dr N!!

Janet W Los Angeles

I am pleased to offer my testimonial for Dr. Nazarian. I was lying in bed for most of two days, unable to move due to lower back pain. My immediate goal was to reduce the pain enough for me to get to my chiropractor. Dr. Nazarian, who answered the phone personally when I called, was polite and professional. More importantly, he was at my front door 45 minutes after I called. He provided on-site care that helped me achieve my goals. I thank Dr. Nazarian for his care, which has enabled me to get up and get going, when I didn’t think I’d be able to. What a marvelous service, provided by a caring professional. I hope I have no further need of a medical house call, but if iI do, I will call Dr. Nazarian.

Robert Rabbin, Author and Speaker, Los Angeles

Old-fashioned housecalls in the 21st century!  I was visiting from out of town when I crashed my bike and needed help right away.  Dr. Nazarian was outstanding in all respects.  He was very responsive, came quickly but well-prepared for my injury, made a great referral for imaging nearby and was incredibly proactive and helpful in  following up after x-rays to report results and his conclusions, and to make sure I was okay.  Was also very helpful with insurance paperwork we needed.  Really could not have been a better experience.

AI. P Santa Monica

I am so thankful of this Dr. that I had to write a review. When it comes to weekends and nights when Dr. offices are not open and your only choice is ER or Urgent Care..I would without a doubt call Dr. Nazarian..On Second thought even if a dr. office is open..I would still call him!

I called him 11:00 pm and was seen in 20 min!! First of all when he walked in I didn’t realize Dr. could be so handsome, but passed that he was so calm, collected, knowledgable and well prepared. He basically carries his whole office in his briefcase. He was able to take care of my problem and am so thankful! I really would be the last person to call a house call doc and was wanting to go to the Urgent Care..boy am I so happy I didnt.

Thank you so much Dr. Nazarian!!!

Nicole B. Los Angeles

I wasn’t feeling well at all and had really bad back pain. One of my friend’s recommended Dr. Nazarian. He came to see me at my office and was fully equipped. He gave me an injection for my back pain and after a couple minutes the pain subsided. He also brought medications with him. He was very thorough and nice. I really recommend him.

Sam N. Los Angeles

Dr N. Was extremely fast in getting to my residence and very efficient! I would def recommend him to anyone who is under the weather does not want to wait for hours at the emergency room! All urgent cares were closed when I had a bout of asthma and Doctor N came to my house within 20 minutes, gave me a shot of steroids and called in some prescriptions in for me. He takes my insurance, however; you do have to pay him up front and submit it to insurance later. Everything worked out great!

Shaylin S. Los Angeles

I was feeling sick over the weekend and did not want to leave the house and spend time waiting in the Emergency Room. My company recommended Dr. Nazarian who came out and visited me at our home in Beverly Hills. He was very professional and knowledgeable and it didn’t hurt that he is a handsome Doc : ) He gave me an antibiotic and something to help me sleep. I felt much better. Thanx Dr. N! You were a god send.

Monica P. Beverly Hills

It is difficult to place a value on such a service. The peace of mind that you have provided us as well as the time and frustration saved is priceless.

Santiago R. Santa Monica

Had it not of been for you, I would have never made it through this!! I will never stop thanking you!! From the bottom of my heart please know, that I am forever grateful to you for saving us and for the care we received from you!!!…I wish you and your wife a wonderful weekend!! Thank you!!

Diana S. Los Angeles

My busy schedule does not allow me to leave the office and see the doctor much. A friend referred me to Dr. Nazarian a concierge doctor in Los Angeles and I could not be happier with the care I have received thus far. He often comes to me when I need medical attention which saves me a tremendous amount of time and money! Thank You!

Robert G. Bel Air

We are very blessed to have found such a wonderful doctor who makes house calls. My father has never been in better health and I cannot begin to tell you how happy he has been not having to take a difficult and long trip to the doctor’s office.

Pamela A. Malibu

My college student daughter was very sick , all Urgent Care Drs Offices were closed and I was unable to travel to LA to take her to the ER. After searching the internet for an after hours clinic, I started reading about different house call doctors in Los Angeles. Fortunately I found My Concierge MD, called and immediately spoke with Dr. Nazarian. While I was apprehensive about sending someone to my daughter’s home late at night, the five star reviews made me feel more comfortable. Dr. Nazarian was prompt, thorough and professional.  He was able to prescribe appropriate medication and immediately called me with his diagnosis and recommendations.  What an amazing medical service!  Dr. Nazarian reminds me of  small town Drs who  provide  fast, very caring, compassionate care.  I feel very thankful to have found him and highly recommend My Concierge MD!

Terri W. West Los Angeles

One of the perks that our company offers is a yearly executive physical. The executive physicals at My Concierge MD are extremely thorough and detailed. It is a great feeling to have confidence in your physician and the care he provides. Dr. Nazarian and his staff will make you feel at ease.

Edward L. Downtown Los Angeles

After an exceptional relationship with my concierge doctor in new york, I had my doubts about finding a concierge doctor in los angeles who would be able to provide the same bespoke service and care that I was accustomed to. All of my expectations have been surpassed! Thank you for such an exceptional service.

Bernard M. Tarzana

Asked the hotel concierge for some advice about a terrible pain I had in my hand and he called a housecall doctor for me.    He came over in about 30 minutes and diagnosed me with gout.   Gave me pain meds, sat down with me and explained what I needed to do when I got home and offered to call my doc back in San Francisco.   Why can’t my doctor at home be this on top of it?  Timely and professional.

Ari G. Hollywood

I had a flight to Boston that night, things to finish at work and an annoying rash on my left arm that was getting worse! My company made a phone call and a doctor in a nice suit and a doctors bag turned up at my office 40 minutes later. He examined me and handed me the medication I needed right there and then! No waiting at a doctor’s office, No wasting time! Just the way I like it! What a great service.Bobby S. Beverly Hills

Dr. Nazarian is very attentive and the most thorough doctor. I really recommend him!

Brenda S. Palisades

Thank You for the exceptional care you have given our family over the last year! I sleep better knowing that you are there! 

Judy W. Encino

Before we met you we didn’t realize what a difference  a concierge doctor could make. My husband appreciates most the on-time visits. The best part for me has to be the extra time that you spend with us without ever making us feel rushed. Thank You!

Linda P. Tarzana

David Nazarian, MD, has a terrific house call service.  He is outstanding, knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and compassionate.  He is on the cutting edge of a new system to deliver health care to families – call it the “old fashioned way”.  Fantastic to have a highly qualified Internist come to the privacy of your home and provide complete chronic or acute medicine as a trusted friend.  Stay healthy as he is a firm believer in preventive medicine.  

Dr. Nazarian has been a god send to our family and we eagerly recommend him to our friends.

Noel M. Shutt, PhD. Manhattan Beach, CA

The best concierge practice in Los Angeles! We are very fortunate to have found you. Thank you for your attention to detail, personal attention and care, and compassion.

Allison M. Tarzana

Dr. N has the best bedside manners that we have ever come across in a physician. He is extremely kind and truly cares about the health and well being of his patients.

Anastasia R. Studio City

David is a caring, articulate, engaging physician who has provided me and my family with an extraordinary level of care. He has a genuine passion for wellness and terrific patient care, and I recommend him to all who are in search of a outstanding concierge physician in Los Angeles.

James K. Pasadena

Dr. Nazarian is the best concierge doctor in los angeles. I am blessed to have found him. He is extremely knowledgeable, very kind and truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients.

Nancy K. West Hollywood

Let me start of by saying that my grandfather is alive today thanks to G-d, Dr. Nazarian and Providence St. Joseph Hospital.

My grandfather was visiting me in LA while feeling ill. The hotel concierge recommended Dr. Nazarian and he came by to check him out. Is bedside manner was great, his detailed attention to every aspect of the check up was very professional and had every gadget necessary in his medical bag.

The most important thing was he realised without labs or xrays and by simple intuition that the condition my grandfather was in required more and examination and referred us to the ER. I can tell you that he had to be admitted to intensive care and throughout his hospital stay and until the day my grandparenta flew back home, I spoke to Dr. Nazarian daily. He is extremely caring and his follow up is impressive considering that most doctors in LA would have you talk to their nurses instead of them.  Highly recommend him!

Talia S. Studio City

My family and I have been part of Dr. Nazarian’s retainer based medical practice in Los Angeles for the last year and I can’t begin to tell you what a change it is. The doctor is always available and always has time for us. With our three kids it is often very difficult to go to the doctor and wait. I love the fact that I can call him and discuss my concerns and avoid an unnecessary visit to the office. I am extremely glad that we found you!

Sara J. Brentwood

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr David Nazarian for the first class medical support he gave to my mother of 85 years who suffered a bad fall during our vacation in LA.
Dr Nazarian is without doubt an excellent doctor, who treats his patients with great humanity, sympathy and respect.
He is a credit to the medical profession and we would recommend him without reserve.David M. Los Angeles

Dr. Nazarian and his staff are rare finds with their caring and efficient service and mannerism. Dr. Nazarian Thank you for taking care of me on Sunday evening and the follow up on Monday. You are a Gem, I would recommend you as a True caring physician and human being to any one. Best Internist ever.

Hannah H. Beverly Hills

In an act of desperation from a 4 day migraine, I called for help. They were amazing. Came within the hour, calmed my nerves, even took time to notice my dog. He was personable & friendly & got right on it. Sure, the service is not cheap, but it’s beyond worth it when you feel so terrible & don’t want to sit for hours in germs at urgent care/ERs. He also has an actual office & I’ve been needing a physician to go to. Good connection and great care!

Keli D. Los Angeles