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No. A Board Certified Physician is available 24/7 to treat your urgent medical condition at the privacy of your home, hotel or place of work without the need for you to be a member in the concierge program. There are many extra benefits to being a member of our concierge medicine program such as being able to contact your physician at anytime, a more personalized medical care, prevention and wellness, same-day service and appointments, no waiting, executive physicals, extended and unhurried office visits and more.

There are many benefits of Concierge Medicine / Retainer-Based Medicine including:

  • 24/7 access to your Personal Physician via cell phone and email.
    Same-day service and appointments.
  • Comprehensive yearly "Executive Physical".
  • Preventive Medicine.
  • Extended and unhurried office visits.
  • No waiting.
  • Nutritional analysis and an exercise prescription tailored to your specific health and fitness goals.
  • Quarterly consultation and follow-up with a private nutritionist and fitness coach.
  • Los Angeles House Call, Hotel, Work Visits Available.
  • Multi-physician meetings for second opinions.
  • Direct supervision and monitoring of ER visits.
  • Direct hospital admissions and care while hospitalized.
  • Weekend Appointments Available.
  • On site diagnostic testing.
  • Personal relationship with your Personal Doctor.
  • Prompt follow-up on all tests and reports .
  • Coordination of care with carefully selected specialists.
  • Coordinated Pharmacy Medication drop-off.
  • Fast and Easy Prescription Renewal Anytime/Anywhere.
  • Prompt telephone feedback with lab and radiology test results.
  • Dedicated support staff for patients.
  • All blood work is done in our office or on visit to your Home, Hotel or place of work. You won't be referred to busy labs for blood work.
  • Cosmetic consultation for Botox, Fillers and Laser therapy by a Aesthetic trained physician.
  • And much more.

If you have a busy lifestyle, value your health and always find yourself short on time, then the answer is yes!

Concierge Doctors and Concierge Physicians are able to cater to your requests and special needs including providing you with as much attention as you need to properly diagnose, treat and explain your health and conditions. Also referred to as boutique doctors, a concierge practice places an emphasis on the doctor's availability to you and the delivery of the highest standards of care available.

Concierge Medical Care provides you with greater availability and more attention from your doctor. As physicians are forced to see more patients and spend less time with those patients in order to stay in practice, the quality of medical care decreases. Unfortunately for you this means longer waiting time to see a doctor who often has little time to spend with you as other patients are waiting too. Concierge Doctors, sometimes referred to as boutique doctors, see less patients and offer greater attention than a typical doctor. Your Concierge Doctor will be able to take the time to diagnose, treat and explain any medical condition you may be experiencing along with better follow-up to make sure that you are fully cared for.

While our Concierge Medical Care in Los Angeles treats most health conditions, we do not treat emergent conditions such as chest pain, shortness of breath and or loss of consciousness. For emergencies, an Urgent Care Facility or Emergency Room will still be required.

The time and monetary savings accompanied with a My Concierge MD visit are significant because of the convenience of bringing healthcare to you. My Concierge MD visits offer value by providing Board Certified physicians to you at your convenience.

If you are a busy individual and value the little time you have to enjoy, then My Concierge MD offers you an excellent solution when you or a loved one needs medical attention. Now you can afford the luxury of not having to leave your home, hotel or office when you are sick, deal with traffic, and spend significant time waiting for a doctor's appointment or in the waiting room with other sick patients waiting to be seen. The fee for a House Call Visit will depend on the complexity of the visit and the treatment rendered.

Our Concierge Doctors and Private Physicians perform and treat a variety of illnesses and services. A short list includes the following:

  • Wellness Exams
  • Acute Illnesses
  • Fever
  • Upper Respiratory Infections, Pneumonia, Flu
  • Asthma, COPD, Emphysema
  • Allergies and Rashes
  • Sore Throat and Strep-Throat
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Sinus Infections, Ear infections, Ear/Nose/Throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections
  • Abdominal Pain, Gastroenteritis, Diarrhea, Constipation
  • GERD, Heartburn, Reflux
  • Stomach Flu, Nausea and Vomiting
  • Chronic Pain, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, Shoulder Pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Ankle, Hand and Knee Sprains
  • In Grown Nails
  • Eyeglass and Contact Lens Problems
  • Arthritis, Gout
  • Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease
  • Kidney Infections and Stones
  • Skin Conditions; Insect Bites, Hives and Rashes
  • Skin Infections; Abscess/Boils, Cuts or Burns
  • Prescription Refills
  • Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
  • Lacerations, Suture Removal, Bites and Puncture Wounds
  • STD Evaluation and Treatment
  • IV Fluids
  • Many more common illnesses and conditions

Our House Call Doctors and on call doctors realize that your time is extremely valuable. Our house call physicians and on call doctors will usually arrive at your location within one hour of your call. A housecall physician will speak to you in regards to the nature of your call and schedule you for a prompt house call visit. Our doctors are prompt and will not keep you waiting to be seen.

Yes, You can schedule same day doctor appointments, as well as following day or night appointments with your Concierge Physician. Trying to find a doctor for same day doctor appointments is no longer something you need to worry about!

Yes, as long as the hotel is in our service area. We provide medical services to all major hotels in the Los Angeles Area. Our Hotel Doctors and doctors on call are able to diagnose and treat most medical conditions in the comfort of your hotel room. Many travelers who become ill during their travels and need medical care use our services. Most Travel Insurances will cover the full fee for a doctors hotel visit or doctors house visit when you become ill and are in need of medical care.

Our Fee-Based Medical Retainer Practice offers employers a much more responsive and cost effective way to keep their workforce healthy and productive. For a monthly or quarterly retainer fee, our Concierge Doctors are available to you and your staff 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. In addition, our Fee-Based Retainer Doctors provide Preventative Healthcare for companies in Los Angeles including on-site visits, executive physicals and access to our Concierge Doctor Hot-Line, where your employees can speak directly to a direct care doctor. Getting a healthcare answer at 4AM just might be the difference between an employee showing to work in the morning and a shift left uncovered.

Missed meetings and delayed flights can also cost your company valuable time and resources. Our Fee-Based Retainer Doctors are able to diagnose and treat your employees at their office, house, hotel or work-site to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

We offer a full line of Corporate Concierge Medical Services as well as custom fee-based medical retainers tailored to fit your company's needs. Concierge Medical Care is a valuable asset and addition to your benefits package by keeping your employees happy, healthy and Productive.

Yes, as long as your business is in our service area. My Concierge MD is an at-your-door service. Our Concierge Doctors and House Call Doctors will come to your office, home or hotel 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We carry most medications with us and will start treatment immediately. There is no reason to wait at a busy doctors office, urgent care or the emergency room any longer. A doctor home visit or a housecall will save you and your family time and money. Our Concierge Doctors and HouseCall Doctors are available 24 hours a day and can take care of all your medical needs.

Most PPOs and other health insurance plans are compatible with Concierge Medical Memberships and we will be happy to discuss your specific health insurance plan with you. Please keep in mind that your medical retainer fee is for preventive care services that are generally not covered by insurance and you should still have health insurance to cover your healthcare visits that are unrelated to your comprehensive, preventive care examination. this includes office visits, hospital stays and visits to specialists.

Most insurance companies will reimburse a portion of the visit or apply the amount to your deductible if it has not been met at this time. We will provide you with the documentation that can be submitted to your health insurance company for reimbursement. Many My Concierge MD patients have been receiving partial reimbursements from their private health insurance companies. They average as much as 80%, which means that the true cost to the patient for a visit could be a lot less after receiving reimbursement. We accept payment in the form of Cash, Master card, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Travelers Checks upon service.

Many health insurance companies have reimbursed many of our patients a portion of their My Concierge MD visit through the "out-of-network" option of their PPO or HMO plans. However, please be aware that My Concierge MD does not guarantee any reimbursement, and that many types of health insurance products exist within each individual plan.

As an annual member of My Concierge MD services, you and your loved ones are entitled to visits to your home, hotel, place of work without any additional costs.

Concierge Physicians provide an annual preventive care physical examination that is much more thorough than the physicals that are typically covered by insurance plans with some Concierge Medical Care Physicals lasting more than half the day depending on the tests performed. After the physical examination, you will meet with a nutritionist and fitness coach who will work with your Concierge Physician on a personal health and wellness plan to be implemented throughout the year.

While many healthcare insurers view the preventive care services encompassed by the annual concierge medical practice fee as non-covered services, you may be able to get your insurer to cover a small portion of the annual fee if your physician is out-of-network and you have out-of-network benefits. Insurance plans and benefits vary, so check with your plan to verify their coverage for Concierge Medical Care in Los Angeles.

Your annual concierge medicine fee may be paid through most employer Section 125 plans and is compatible with most flexible spending accounts (FSAs), medical savings accounts (MSAs), and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). The medical fee based retainer may also be paid through health savings accounts (HSAs). Your Concierge Physician will provide you with a statement from your benefits administrator at the time of your physical examination, appointment or any time thereafter.

It is important to note that while this fee is reimbursable through your FSA, you cannot pay the fee with your FSA debit or credit card. Reimbursement for your Concierge Medical Care annual fee will have to be obtained through your FSA claim submission process. Your annual physical must be performed during your FSA plan year to be eligible for reimbursement. For example, if your FSA account year runs from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009, you must have your annual physical during the 2009 calendar year.

The fees for our Concierge Medical Practice may be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For patients interested in a quarterly payment plan, you may pay for the retainer based medical services with your American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.

For patients who itemize medical expenses on their tax returns, the annual retainer-based medicine fee may be deductible and a Concierge Doctor representative will be happy to speak with your accountant to assist with your tax planning.

If you have not received your Concierge Medicine Physical Examination and you are moving, or would like to cancel your membership for any reason, you will be eligible to receive a prorated refund of your Medical Fee-Based Retainer. If you receive your Physical, a refund will no longer be available. Given that more than 95 percent of our patients renew their Concierge Medicine Retainer each year, we believe you will be very satisfied with the Los Angeles Concierge Medical Care Services we provide.

As a courtesy to their patients, our Los Angeles Concierge Doctors will see children between the ages of 16 to 25 of current patients with the only charge being for regular office visits. This policy varies, so please check with your Concierge Physician.

In the event you have family visiting or an out-of-town guest who becomes ill or may require other medical services on an unexpected basis, your Concierge Doctor will see your family or guest for their urgent medical care needs as if he/she were a member of their Los Angeles Concierge practice. Standard office visit fees apply.

Our Concierge Medical Practice in Los Angeles has a first-come, first-served Membership that will cap its retainer-based patients at 600 and additional patients who would like to join will put on a waiting list.

Whenever unavailable, your Direct Care Doctor will arrange for you the same level of Concierge Medical Care in Los Angeles, Orange County,Ventura or the Inland Empire or that you have become accustomed to receiving. The covering physician will make sure to pass along the results of your session to your Direct Care Physician and you will receive the contact information for the covering Concierge Doctor as needed.

Concierge Doctors improve your healthcare through dramatically enhanced coordination with specialty care physicians. Our direct care specialists are hand-picked throughout Los Angeles and are of the highest caliber in their fields. The direct and close relationships we have with these top specialists guarantee that our patients recieve the most efficient and effective medical care possible. In most cases, your Concierge Doctor will personally discuss your condition with your specialist. This makes a tremendous difference in terms of your medical care, as your Concierge Doctor can now serve as the "quarterback" for all of thespecialist's needs, with specific knowledge of your health concerns and issues.

In addition to our offices your Concierge Medical Physician can arrange for additional testing (e.g. x-rays, ekg, ultrasound, labs etc.) in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or hotel. If your condition requires hospitalization, then your Concierge Physician will directly admit you to the hospital for further testing and treatment.

Our Concierge Medical Practice is not an Emergency Room replacement and we do not treat patients with emergency conditions such as; chest pain, shortness of breath, head trauma or loss of consciousness. If you are having a medical emergency, please go directly to the E.R. or dial 911 immediately.

We work with many of the large travel insurance companies and will provide to them the proper documentation for reimbursement. Some of the travel insurance companies that our patients have used to cover their medical expenses in the past are listed below. Most travel insurance plans will cover the fee for a house call doctor visit but you must contact your travel insurance provider in order to make sure of your medical benefits.

  • Travel Guard
  • Access America
  • CSA Travel Protection
  • HTH Worldwide
  • International Medical Group
  • Medex Insurance Services
  • MH Ross
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services
  • Seven Corners
  • Travel Insured International
  • Travel Insurance Services
  • Travel Safe
  • Travelex Insurance Services

Many of our patients are referred to as from existing patients or patients who have used are services. We believe that the relationship between a doctor and a patient is very personal and intimate and thus urge prospective patients to meet with concierge doctors they have in mind and see if it feels to be a good fit.

Dr. Nazarian's Concierge Medical Practice has been offering  unparalleled medical services to patients since its inception. Our state of the art offices are located in Beverly Hills and in Tarzana. Our offices are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment such as Treadmill Stress Testing, Thallium Nuclear Scan, Ultrasound , ABI, Comprehensive Laboratory Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, Body Composition Testing, Bone Density Testing, Virtual Endoscopy, Virtual Colonoscopy, H. Pylori Testing, Nutritional Services, a professional staff and more.

By joining our Los Angeles Concierge Medical Program, you and your loved ones will gain 24 hour access to your physician as well as a team of professionals who will keep you healthy. Your Concierge Physician will be your advocate and will make sure that all your medical needs are met promptly.  Dr. Nazarian will discuss your medical conditions with his team of specialists in order to get you the best and fastest care possible. Dr. Nazarian, a Los Angeles Concierge Doctor will make visits to your home, hotel, or place of work. As a Concierge Doctor, Dr. Nazarian will dedicate the time to provide you and your family the care you require. Please schedule an appointment to meet us in person.

There are many urgent cares in Los Angeles. The national average for wait time in an urgent care is around 4 hours. Having a Concierge Doctor come to you, allows you to have medical care in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office without the wait and exposure to germs and viruses. We are able to come to you and treat most medical conditions in a timely fashion. We can arrange the delivery of most medications to you without the extra wait in the long lines at the pharmacy.

Integrative Medicine and Integrative Concierge Medicine is the practice of treating the whole person through collaboration with Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, and Fitness Coaches. Our Integrative concierge practice will review aspects of your life that may be contributing to your symptoms and illnesses.

On call doctors are available 24 hours a day in the los angeles area to serve your medical needs. Doctors on call will discuss your medical issues and setup a time for you to be seen. Our 24 hour on call doctors do carry most medications with them and the tools to diagnose and treat you. Our 24 hour doctors are highly trained and qualified to diagnose and treat most medical conditions in the comfort of your home, hotel or place of work. Our Concierge Doctor and House Call Doctor visits are a great way to avoid the wait and frustration of a 24 hours clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Your flexible spending account can be applied for the retainer fee charged for our concierge medical practice. By using your flexible spending account or medical saving account towards our concierge medical practice, your doctor will provide you and your family with a more personalized medical care and better health. Your concierge doctor can apply your Medical spending account and/or flexible spending account towards screening diagnostic testing, 24 hour access and many more services which are normally not covered by your insurance plan.

Our patients find that applying their flexible spending accounts and/or medical saving accounts towards the fees of our retainer based medical practice is both rewarding and easy. Not only do they not lose the balance remaining in their flexible spending and medical saving accounts at the end of the year, but they find themselves getting considerably more out of their healthcare. Please call us now and one of our representatives will be happily provide you with more information.

Our highly trained Los Angeles House Call Doctor and Concierge Doctor is available to diagnose and treat your medical conditions in the comfort of your home, hotel or office. Our house call physicians arrive quickly and are equipped to diagnose and start treatment right away!

Concierge Medicine or a Concierge Medical Practice is a practice or a relationship between a physician and a patient in which the patient pays an annual fee or a retainer in exchange for a more personal and enhanced medical care. Boutique medicine and retainer-based medicine are the same terms as Concierge Medicine. In exchange the physician is able to treat far fewer number of patients and thus have more time available to the patients enrolled in the Concierge practice.

Our physicians provide many personal services such as visits to the home, hotel, or place of work. Patients are given access to the physician via cell phone and email in addition to access to a nutritionist and a fitness coach. Each patient enrolled in the boutique medical practice is offered a yearly Executive Physical in addition to advanced laboratory and diagnostic testing.

Our state of the art los Angeles sleep center offers the most modern sleep study equipment available. Our sleep doctors are able to diagnose and start treatment for the underlying cause of your sleep problem so that you may finally obtain a good nights asleep.

Our state of the art sleep center and sleep lab is equiped with the most advanced and modern equipment to diagnose your sleep condition. Our sleep center is staffed with a professional team who will look after you while you sleep at our center.

Many of our patients have approached us and expressed to us their uttermost satisfaction and happiness over our concierge medical practice and their regret for not making the change earlier had they known about it. We would like to take this opportunity and share what others value in regards to being part of our concierge medical practice. Please view our testimonials.

Medical Flexible Spending Accounts, commonly referred to as FSAs, allow employees to set aside income from their paychecks—pre-tax—into a sort of medical savings account; these dollars can later be used to reimburse those individuals for certain medical expenses incurred by them or by dependents over the course of the year, at a significant tax savings. Eligible medical expenses that are generally covered by medical flexible spending accounts include services that are not covered by insurance, such as co-pays, certain screenings and preventive exams, nutrition and smoking cessation plans, and much, much more.

Though traditional insurance plans do not cover these medical needs, these services and more are available at our state of the art preventive medical facility in Los Angeles. My Concierge MD provides comprehensive physical examinations with focus on preventive care, early diagnosis and wellness. Our concierge physicians treat patients holistically, and are available to provide first-rate, personalized care to their patients twenty-four hours a day.

By choosing  our Beverly Hills concierge medicine practice, patients avoid the hassles of insurance companies, HMOs, and fee-for-service models by paying a set annual retainer to gain round-the-clock access to a personal physician, available day and night for in-home or workplace visits. Immunizations, vaccinations, physicals and executive checkups, x-rays, ultrasounds, cardiac workup, cancer screening, comprehensive blood testing, IV fluids, and more can be provided at the office or in-home at the convenience of each patient.

The retainer model of concierge medicine makes determining FSA payroll deductions that much simpler. Our concierge physicians can help determine what medical services are eligible under FSA, allowing you to apply your FSA funds to a host of personalized medical expenses including on-call medical services, diagnostic testing, nutrition and wellness planning, and many other services not typically covered by insurance. According to Dr. David Nazarian, Board Certified physician at My Concierge MD, “our patients find that applying their flexible spending accounts or medical saving accounts towards the fees of our retainer based medical practice is both rewarding and easy. Not only do they retain the balance remaining in their flexible spending and medical saving accounts at the end of the year, but they find themselves getting considerably more out of their healthcare.”

Thinking of making the most of your flexible spending account? Read further…

Our concierge medical practice provides numerous screening and preventative examinations, as well as alternative treatments often times not covered by traditional insurance. Many patients utilize their flexible spending accounts for cancer and heart screening tests, executive physical examinations, nutrition consultations and nutritional support, IV vitamin therapy, to pay for their annual concierge medicine membership and more.

The cost of healthcare in the United States is rising, at the same time that rates of preventable health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease among Americans continue to increase. Studies show that visiting one’s primary care physician regularly and taking preventive care measures to prevent diseases and injuries before they happen, rather than simply treating their symptoms, is not only a more cost-effective approach to healthcare, but one that will keep Americans healthier and living longer.

Taking measures to prevent diseases by designing personalized wellness and nutrition plans, undergoing regular Executive Physicals, and by catching risk factors and warning signs early through screenings, can both save lives and prevent patients from requiring costly hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and urgent care center fees. Preventive care is the single most important step we can take to protect our health, yet many diagnostic exams and preventive screenings are not covered by insurance companies.

Since the mid-1990s, concierge medical practices have begun stepping in to provide these critical preventive care services. My Concierge MD provides fee for service care in addition to a retainer fee model and direct access to your own  personal physician. This physician will provide comprehensive care and meaningful preventive services like Executive Physicals and diagnostic tests—ones on which traditional medical practices tend not to focus.

Because concierge practices like My Concierge MD charge a one-time annual membership retainer to cover all non-emergency health needs, a concierge membership is an ideal way for making the most of your flexible spending account as offered by many employers. Employees enrolled in FSAs determine the amount of pre-tax earnings to set aside from each paycheck, and can then use that money to cover medical costs. Concierge memberships provide predictable annual costs, ensuring that no unused FSA dollars are lost at the end of the year, and provide a significant tax savings—all while improving health through preventive care and round-the-clock access to Board Certified physicians.

Common Question: Can your health savings account be applied to your concierge medicine retainer fee? YES. My Concierge MD allows patients the power to take control of both their wellness and their finances.

In Los Angeles, Dr. David Nazarian and colleagues at My Concierge MD provide comprehensive physicals such as executive physicals, a variety of screening diagnostic tests such as cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function studies, weight loss, iv vitamin therapy, preventive exams, and much more as part of a one time fee. Patients can also put their FSA towards a one-time concierge membership annual retainer fee.

Our concierge medicine practice in Beverly Hills provides first-class medical care, dedicates quality time to each appointment, and works to proactively manage each patient’s health—all while giving HSA- and FSA-enrolled patients and families predictable costs at a tax advantage.

With the increasing rise in popularity of concierge medical practices nationwide, individuals interested in the personalized care and convenient service of concierge medicine are finding that the annual fee charged by these unique practices can also have significant tax advantages.

For patients enrolled in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) through an employer, or who have established an individual Health Savings Account (HSA), using their tax-preferred monies to pay for annual concierge medicine membership fees is a smart use of healthcare dollars. Created in 2003, Health Savings Accounts are tax-advantaged medical savings accounts available to Americans covered by high-deductible health plans. Funds placed in these accounts can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses without penalty or federal tax liability.

With the necessary documentation from a concierge physician, patients enrolled with these practices can use their tax-advantaged HSA or FSA funds to pay for their physician’s annual fee or services. Fees collected by concierge practices for services such as convenient access to a doctor or in-home appointments, can typically be reimbursable by HSA and FSA accounts as they constitude medical services.

Can your health savings account be applied to your concierge medicine retainer fee? In most cases, the answer is YES. My Concierge MD allows patients the power to take control of both their wellness and their finances.

Please contact us at 310-299-8959 to schedule your consultation today!

Thinking about using pretax money to cover concierge practice fees? In today’s increasingly complicated healthcare system—one in which insurance companies, Medicare, and HMOs cover fewer and fewer medical services and preventive care measures—physicians and patients alike are flocking to the innovative concierge medicine model, popularized on the West Coast in the mid-nineties. Rather than being compensated by insurance billing per number of patients seen or services provided, concierge physicians like Dr. David Nazarian of Los Angeles-based My Concierge MD dramatically limit the number of patients they see, instead charging an annual retainer to members. This annual fee takes the burden off physicians to continually increase their volume for insurance reimbursements, and allows them the flexibility to dedicate unhurried, high-quality time to each patient.

Thanks to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts offered by many employers, patients of some concierge medical practices can now be reimbursed with pre-tax money for these annual membership retainers. Pre-tax dollars from both FSAs can be used to cover concierge membership fees as long as that fee includes the performance of a medical service, rather than solely nonmedical services or preferred access, says health benefits lawyer John Hickman in a 2010 New York Times interview.

In light of these FSA qualification requirements, FSA-friendly concierge practices like My Concierge MD can itemize members’ annual bills and receipts to specify the costs of physicals and medical services provided as part of the annual retainer fee. My Concierge MD will work with each patient and their human resources representative to clarify the requirements of his or specific plan, and will provide all necessary documentation to ensure that those patients with flexible spending or health savings accounts can be reimbursed with tax-advantaged dollars for taking this important step toward better health and wellness.

Please contact us today and one of our representatives will discuss the different ways in which you and your loved ones are able to better utilize your Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings account. Using pretax money to cover concierge fees through FSA & HSA can be discussed for a variety of screening and preventative tests and measures which are normally not covered by your insurance company.

Our doctors understand the importance of having an educated, able, affable and available primary care physician or internist is to the wellbeing of your health. We have setup our practice in a way that provides a unique level of personal care and attention to our patients.

By meeting and spending time with our board certified physicians you and your loved ones will recognize the qualities and practices we have implemented to better serve your medical needs.

We value the trust that our patients have placed in us and strive to exceed all their expectations and needs. We believe in the importance of a sustained relationship between our patients and physicians. Please call us today at 877-760-3570 and visit our Beverly Hills primary care practice today. Let us manage the most important asset in your life, Your Health!

We recognize how difficult it can be to find the right physician to provide the high quality of care that you deserve and need. We have thus chosen and build personal relationships with the top physicians in the different fields of medicine in the Los Angeles Area and in Beverly Hills. You can be confident that you will receive the highest level of care possible by allowing us to manage and guide your health needs. Our established relationships allow us to schedule a needed appointment at your convenience and without the usual lenghty wait times.

Our physicians include top primary care physicians, internists, family medicine physicians, plastic surgeons, ENT physicians, Gastroenterologists (GI doctors), general surgeons, allergy specialists, neurologists, oncologists, pediatricians, cosmetic dentists, general dentists, emergency room physicians, psychiatrists, urologists, highly specialized physicians, cardiologists and more.

Please contact us today at 877-760-3570 and let us schedule you to be seen by the “right” physician.

A concierge doctor is one who limits the number of patients he or she cares for at any given time by charging an annual retainer fee. By limiting his or her practice a concierge doctor is able to provide services which usually physicians who care for many more patients at a time lack the time to provide.
My Concierge MD is a premier provider of concierge medical services in the Los Angeles area. Our concierge medical practice offers extended visit times, preventative diagnostic testing, house calls, same day appointments, after-hour care, executive physical examinations, access via phone and email, nutritional services, access and coordination with top specialists, and more. The unique personal attention and focus our practice delivers will change the way you have till now look at medicine! Please contact our office to setup a time to meet our team and learn more about the ways we can help you reach your health goals.

Concierge doctors have become more popular in the recent years as more and more patients are fed up with the quality of care they have been accustomed to receive. Finding the right concierge doctor or concierge medical practice is a personal and often times an intimate one. Given the vast amount of information on the internet, the logical choice would be to first locate the concierge doctors in your specific area. Once you have gathered a list of the concierge doctors in your area, you can start to research about the different doctors, their education, services, and most importantly what others have to say about them. Make an appointment to meet with perspective concierge doctors in your area. Learning more about them, their manner, staff and office setting will often times help in your decision making process.
My Concierge MD is a leader in high quality medical care and services in the Los Angeles Area. Please schedule an office visit to learn more about our concierge doctors and the services we offer.

Much like a medical health savings account, medical flexible spending accounts allow employees to set aside a predetermined portion of their pre-tax income to pay for qualified health expenses for themselves, for spouses, or for dependents. Because this money is deducted from gross salary before income, social security, or Medicare taxes, medical flexible spending accounts allow Americans to pay for health expenses at a significant tax advantage.Under the most common type of medical flexible spending account, money is deposited from each paycheck into a reimbursement account, which is then used to repay the employee for eligible medical costs incurred. Flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, save users tax dollars on eligible expenses not covered by insurance, including prescription medications, deductibles, and co-payments.When enrolling in a medical flexible spending account plan, employees determine the amount of money they want to set aside from each paycheck for the coming year. They then must use the full amount set aside, lest they lose any unused dollars. Determining the appropriate amount to set aside can be difficult, as no one can successfully predict the frequency and the level of care that they and their families might require over the course of a year.Concierge medical practices can take the guess work out of making the most of your FSA. By charging an annual retainer fee for a full year of on-demand personal medical attention—rather than charging individual fees per service provided—concierge medical services like those provided by Los Angeles’ My Concierge MD are predictable and reliable. By enrolling in concierge services through My Concierge MD, not only will you know exactly how much money to set aside for medical expenses through your flexible spending account/FSA, you will receive more personalized medical care than anything offered by traditional medical practices. At the same time you may choose to apply your medical flexible spending account for specific screening and preventative exams or any of our integrative treatments offered.