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The premier integrative health, concierge medicine practice located in Beverly Hills! We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care possible for patients and their families in Beverly Hills and throughout the Los Angeles area.  We are dedicated and focused on you, your health and well being through concierge medical services! We look forward to meeting you.
Dr. Nazarian is a primary care physician Beverly Hills who practices internal medicine and primary care. The office is recognized as one of the top medical practices in the Greater Los Angeles area.
If you are feeling sick, My Concierge is the go to medical office in Beverly Hills. Using integrative and evidence based medicine, you will feel better in no time.
Pre-op Preparation is the process of performing a medical evaluation. From discussing relevant health history to pertinent medical tests. My Concierge MD will help prepare you to have a successful surgery.
Annual physical exams are extremely important to have performed on a yearly basis in order to catch health problems before they become serious health problems and lead to complications.
IV Vitamin Therapy is a method of administering intravenous vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through and IV line.
There are many benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women to some of the symptoms of hormone imbalances.
Anti Aging Medicine addresses various conditions that play a role in the aging process including a variety of medical conditions, nutritional supplements, sleep, exercise and more.

We are able to treat a variety of medical conditions in our state of the art concierge medical practice or at your location!

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About My Concierge MD

My Concierge MD offers a unique, convenient way to achieve the sterling health you deserve. The boutique medical practice provides a revolutionary and customized approach to your health.

My Concierge MD is overseen by board-certified Dr. David Nazarian, who works with an elite staff of nurses, nutritionists, and dieticians, to tailor personal wellness health programs for office visits and house calls. The doctor also offers a monthly fee-based program where he is essentially available to clients 24/7. Some patients even take the doctor or a staff member with them when they travel.

We are aware that in a perfect world, patients eat a well-balanced meal, sleep eight hours, get plenty of exercise and limit the number of toxins they put into their bodies. But let’s face it, that’s usually not the case for most of us.

Consider My Concierge MD the ideal place to not just recharge your batteries but keep them in tip-top shape.  We’ll help revitalize your depleted body with whatever it needs, be it medicine, nutrients, IV vitamins, hydration, hormones, and weight loss injections, to name a few.

Remember, this is about your needs. With that in mind, before we begin treatment and your road to health, you’ll meet with Dr. Nazarian so you can tell him your expectations, health history, and any allergies or long-term concerns you may have.

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    About Our Director

    Dr. David Nazarian obtained his Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and Psychology, from the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from Sackler School of Medicine/New York State Program and completed his medical training at Huntington Memorial Hospital a USC affiliate hospital. Dr. Nazarian is Board Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

    He has extensive experience treating patients in both an Emergency Room, and Hospital setting.

    He has received numerous recognitions as a concierge doctor and internist and his Beverly Hills concierge medicine practice is recognized as one of the top medical practices in the Los Angeles area.

    Dr. Nazarian started My Concierge MD after working with the Motion Picture Group and patients in the entertainment industry. My Concierge MD started in order to provide more timely and professional care to patients in the Entertainment Industry, now provides the same level of concierge medical care to patients throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

    Dr. Nazarian focuses on the whole person and places a strong emphasis on prevention and early detection. He makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches to obtain optimal health and wellness for his patients. Doctor David Nazarian continues his close relationship with many production studios in the Los Angeles area while providing care for patients in the comfort of their home, hotel or place of work.

    Dr. Nazarian’s strong interest in academics has led to several published articles as well as on the medical staff at four different hospitals in the Los Angeles Area.

    When Doctor David Nazarian is not taking care of patients, he enjoys playing racquetball, chess, hiking, spending time with family and other sports that keep him active and healthy.

    Better Doctors. Better Care

    Our Concierge Doctors are highly trained and board-certified in the various sub-specialties of medicine, pediatrics, and surgery. Our boutique medicine approach provides attentive and personalized care, and a dedicated team focused on you and your health. Scheduling on your time, concierge house call doctors and direct access to a team of top doctors are all provided to you as a patient.

    As a patient, you will obtain access to cutting edge medical research and therapeutic options as well as our state of the art facility equipped with the latest screening and diagnostic testing equipment.

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    Beverly Hills Concierge Internal Medicine Practice

    Our concierge internal medicine practice focuses on the whole person and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic options and diagnostic testings available. We provide a wide range of VIP healthcare and VIP concierge services such as personalized office visits and office consultations, comprehensive yearly physical examinations, one day executive physicals, house calls, advanced diagnostic testing, IV vitamin therapy, nutritional services, hormone replacement therapy, pre-ops, weight loss, cutting edge screening and therapeutic modalities, liver detox cleanse, urgent medical services, Anti-aging therapies, travel vaccinations, and a lot more.

    House Call Physicians

    Discrete, professional and personalized in home doctor visits are services provided by My Concierge MD and our house call doctors. We pride ourselves in the VIP medical care provided from the doctors that come to your house. Our House Call Physicians are available to discuss your medical needs and to provide you and your loved ones treatment in the privacy and comfort of our offices, your home (home visit doctor), hotel, or place of work. Our house call doctors are 24-hour doctors and are well equipped to perform all of the services you would find in a traditional medical office or urgent care facility at your desired location. From sick visits, physical examinations, blood work to EKG’s, ultrasound and x-rays, our patients receive thorough, unhurried medical care from house call physicians in the comfort of their home or desired location.

    A house call physician can usually be at your home within two hours or less. A house visit doctor will speak to you on the phone and discuss your case prior to scheduling you for a house call visit. Our house call physicians have experience treating patients with a variety of acute illnesses. If your condition requires further testing or treatment of care, our house call physicians will assist you in obtaining the care that you need.

    Concierge Medicine

    Our concierge medicine practice is regarded as one of the best medical practices in Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles. Our dedication to detail, personal attention, and close follow up sets us apart from all other concierge medicine practices and concierge doctors. Concierge medicine has allowed us to get to know our patients on a more personal level. Through the concierge medicine model we have been able to form deep lasting friendships and attain knowledge of our patients that otherwise would be unattainable. Our Concierge Medicine Practice cares for far fewer patients than a conventional medical practice. The number of patients enrolled in our concierge medicine practice range from as little as 50 patients to 400 patients at a time.

    What is concierge medicine?

    Concierge medicine is a paid membership model for medical care. As a member of a concierge medicine program, you have increased access to appointments and Dr. Nazarian’s time, resulting in highly customized care and better health outcomes.

    You can contact Dr. Nazarian and his team directly during office hours. Members can contact Dr. Nazarian 24 hours a day, seven days a week via his mobile phone and email, as needed.

    Concierge medicine is an investment in your health. Dr. Nazarian is your partner in health, providing highly personalized preventive health care to help you stay well and avoid distressing and costly health conditions.

    What is the difference between direct primary care and concierge medicine?

    Direct primary care is a branch of concierge medicine and very similar in nature. In direct primary care practices, patients often pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to their physician.

    What is a concierge doctor?

    A concierge doctor is a doctor who limits his or her practice to a limited number of patients in exchange for a yearly fee and added benefits like 24 hour access, same day appointments, house calls, personalized care and attention, enhanced access, and more.

    What is included in concierge medicine?

    When you join Dr. Nazarian’s concierge program, he becomes the conductor of your health care. He provides enhanced communication and expedited scheduling with your other physicians and specialists. Concierge members have access to Cedars-Sinai Health Care System specialists through CS-Link.

    Your annual membership includes an initial health assessment to establish a detailed and precise medical profile and baseline. Dr. Nazarian uses this profile to design a monitored medical, exercise, and nutrition plan. You also have an annual executive physical to evaluate your health and adjust your plan to optimize your health.

    As a member of his concierge program, you receive personalized assistance with appointment scheduling, expedited appointments with Dr. Nazarian and specialists, and appointment reminders.

    What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

    One of the primary benefits of concierge medicine is having sufficient time with Dr. Nazarian. While he is committed to all his patients, concierge members can book longer appointments, which allows more time to discuss, examine, and explore your health. Dr. Nazarian has time to listen to you and address your needs without you ever feeling rushed.

    Your yearly executive physical includes extensive testing and preventive health screenings. These tests allow Dr. Nazarian to create a personalized wellness plan to help you stay healthy and reduce your risk of developing acute and chronic illnesses.

    Benefits of being a patient of Dr. Nazarian and MyConcierge MD include:

    • Office visits included at no charge
    • House calls included
    • Same-day appointments
    • Contact the doctor directly via his cell phone or e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Expedited access to top-notch medical specialists
    • Yearly executive physicals
    • In-office laboratory testing.
    • Appointments are available seven days a week
    • Discounted IV drips
    • Discounted PRP injections
    • Prioritized care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
    • Urgent Care services at our office, your home, or virtually.
    • Late evening and weekend appointments available
    • Arrangements for home nurse visits, home physical therapy, home lab draws/testing, home x-rays, and EKG, home IV fluids
    • Unlimited TeleHealth/Virtual consultations.
    • Access to covid testing with same-day results (rapid PCR covid tests).
    • Access to private nurses or caregivers