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What is Integrative Medicine?

You are a unique individual… shouldn’t your healthcare be unique as well?

Integrative Medicine is a new holistic approach to the way medicine is delivered. Instead of treating each individual’s medical problem at a time, the integrative approach treats each person as a whole.

This “whole person” approach allows practitioners to treat the person not just the medical issue. Integrative medicine also allows the practitioner to recognize the interactions and connections between the mind, body and the soul. Integrative medicine offers an extensive and thorough approach to care.

We at My Concierge MD optimize our medical treatment with health coaches, acupuncturists, health psychologists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists and nutritionists. We complement conventional Western Medicine with Alternative and Holistic Medicine to provide the highest, most effective care possible. Our Integrative Medicine program in Los Angeles (located in our serene, state-of-the art office in Beverly Hills) places emphasis in the above therapeutic relationships and make the best use of all the appropriate conventional and alternative therapies available.

To schedule a time to meet with our holistic team and learn more about our mind, body and soul approach to integrative medicine, make an appointment or call 877-760-3570 today!

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