Recovering from an opioid dependence is hard to do alone. Without the proper treatment and care, many people that have an addiction will slip back into their old addiction. Preventing this from happening takes a level of care and dedication that only an addiction specialist can provide. These trained specialists at MyConciergeMD will provide treatment plans specialized to adhere to unique and personal conditions associated with addiction, including treatment with suboxone.

Suboxone Doctors

One of the best options that an addiction specialist at our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles has to offer a patient suffering from opioid dependency is suboxone. Used as an assisted treatment method,  suboxone provided and administered by one of our expert care specialists at MyConciergeMD aims to provide further assistance during a specific detox treatment. Our team of physicians understands the proper way to administer suboxone in a safe dosage, based on the patient’s prior heroin use and biochemistry and we do our best to make a patient feel comfortable and safe during their recovery period.

Suboxone Clinic

When a patient is signed into our treatment center in Los Angeles, an addiction specialist will evaluate their vital signs and symptoms. This will assist our trained physicians with deciphering the best detox method for the patient. Once an individualized detox program has been created, patients will undergo detox at the Suboxone Clinic.

Buprenorphine Treatment

The two main components of Suboxone are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine acts as a pain eliminator and reduces the opiates effect on the brain. This portion of Suboxone is also responsible for preventing the medicine from having an effect if the patient chooses to take more than what is prescribed. If a patient decides to ingest Suboxone in any other method than orally, Naloxone is the safeguard. Naloxone is designed to discourage the patient from trying to snort or inject suboxone into their system.

Due to the success of this medicine combination, addiction specialists often prefer to use Suboxone. Its ability to suppress withdrawal symptoms and discourage incorrect administration is vital to a patient’s successful recovery. Typically, patients that are enrolled into our suboxone program are 50% more likely to remain sober, which is a vast improvement over traditional methods. A suboxone program will also reduce the cravings for opiates. The reason that this occurs is due to suboxone’s ability to block opioid receptors in the brain and eliminate the feelings that generated by opioid use.

This long-lasting medicine only needs to be taken once per day. Patients that are prescribed suboxone will place a filmstrip that is comprised of this medicine under their tongue and allow it to dissolve. Due to this method of administration, patients should consume suboxone first thing when they wake up. This will help them to adhere to the mandatory 30 minute waiting period of abstaining from eating, drinking, or smoking before consumption.

Suboxone Doctors Near Me

To help those who are experiencing an opioid dependence, encourage them to enroll into a suboxone treatment center. At MyConciergeMD you or a loved one will receive personalized, high-quality care to help in assisting recovery from addiction. Our facility is designed to provide comfort and safety during a patient’s recovery process and we pride ourselves on adhering to dignified treatment for all patients. Our rigorous training and education regarding addiction and addiction treatment offers our patients a brighter outlook than many other California based clinics.

Private Suboxone Doctors

For those who are in need of a physician that can administer the suboxone program outside of the office, contact MyConciergeMD today for a consultation. We produce care driven results for a broad range of addictions and want to help you or your loved one get back on track living the best, healthiest life possible. Call us today to schedule a meeting and let us create a treatment plan that works best for you.

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