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One of the many purposes of hormone replacement is to aid men and women through the mature phases of life of andropause and menopause. During these transitional years maintaining a natural hormone balance can prove to be difficult. When choosing a natural hormone replacement the patient is effectively taking their health and longevity of life into their own hands by making healthy, natural decisions instead of alternative and synthetic drugs.

What are some of the hormones lost for men and women during transitional phases of life?

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

The main hormone that declines during the transitional phases of menopause is estradiol, the hormone responsible for both protecting vital organs, fighting off menopausal symptoms and maintaining healthy sexual and reproductive health. Estradiol like progesterone is another hormone lost during menopause. In order to maintain healthy, natural levels natural hormone replacement therapy is offered for women during various phases of life to protect against the negative effect the loss of this primary estrogen hormone can have. Increasing lost levels of estradiol in the body can assist in prevention of bone loss as well as improve menopausal symptoms including: moodiness, associated sleep problems, tooth and gum disease, energy levels, as well boost natural levels of collagen levels to maintain health and elasticity of the skin.

In other cases estradiol can be used to promote young women of reproductive ages to stimulate healthy ovarian health. If a woman is experiencing infertility linked with an absence of the estradiol hormone therapy could be a good choice for healthy estrogen production.

Progesterone Replacement Therapy

For women, progesterone is the first hormone to start to decline in the body’s natural production during menopausal years. Progesterone opposes the cancer promoting effects of estrogen on the endometrium. Progesterone also has anxiety reducing effects, and helps in regulating sleep. Progesterone is a hormone responsible for building and maintaining healthy bone growth essential to preventing osteoporosis, a condition that affects nearly 68% of women which can amount to an upwards of 44 million. Research shows that during menopause progesterone hormones are the first to decline. This can result in intense menopausal symptoms including night sweats, hot flashes and depression. Progesterone use in natural hormone replacement restores the balance that is missing from the natural course of menopause. Stimulating osteoblasts, the cells responsible for healthy bone growth and retention help fight against osteoporosis and the deterioration of bones. Progesterone can boost an unbalanced mood and protect the woman seeking treatment from painful and life threatening bone fractures.

DHEA Replacement Therapy

What is DHEA and why is it important? DHEA is also known as dehydroepiandrosterone and is found in both men and women, equally supporting crucial functions of sexual and physical qualities/properties of life. As men and women reach the age post 25 years old respectively, the natural occurrence of DHEA declines. Dehydroepiandrosterone is produced by both male and female adrenal glands and is then converted into essential androgens, estrogen and other hormones maintaining a healthy balance in the body. DHEA is an adrenal steroid hormone which is lost through the process of aging. Natural hormone replacement of DHEA helps aid healthy libido, preventing osteoporosis, aiding erectile dysfunction as well as helping both men and women maintain a healthy body mass and skin elasticity.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The loss of hormones is not limited to women. As men continue their natural life cycle there is a loss of the crucial hormone testosterone. This crucial hormone is responsible for far more than simply reproductive success and maintaining healthy sexual levels. Testosterone is also a main player in maintaining healthy red blood cell production, bone mineral density, retaining healthy muscle and body mass. Choosing a natural hormone replacement treatment for the loss of testosterone can improve the health conditions listed above, as well as help maintain a healthy balance of emotional states and overall health and wellbeing.

Pregnenolone Replacement Therapy

Stress and age are two contributing factors toward the loss of pregnenolone in men and women reaching mature ages. Found in high concentrations in younger years, the natural cycle and progression of life hinders the same large production of this youthful hormone. Pregnenolone as a naturally occurring hormone is thought to improve a wide range of physical, mental and emotional factors. A natural hormone replacement therapy for pregnenolone can increase libido, energy levels, improved memory retention, aid in symptoms linked to menopause in women as well as improve vision for men and women alike.