Our center provides full-body scan and cancer screening test and other ailments through the use of ultrasound testing and whole-body CT scans, pet scan, tumor markers and more. In addition, our highly trained physicians will review your medical history and family history and order appropriate tumor markers, cancer markers, and genetic tests. A cancer scan can be used to rule out cancers like lung cancer, bone cancer, gi cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and more.

Full body medical scans can detect early signs of cancer as well as atherosclerosis (plaques in the arteries), aneurysms, in addition to liver masses, calcifications and more. Our Beverly Hills medical center utilizes ultrasound to evaluate many organs in addition to whole-body ct scans and pet scans.

Full body cancer screening test using ultrasound can scan the thyroid for nodules, carotids for plaques, aorta for aneurysms,  the heart for function, and the abdominal organs including the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen and pancreas for abnormalities.

Our center provides total body health checkups including blood work, heart testing, cancer scanning and testing, GI health, lung health, bone health, and more. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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