What Is Female Physical Exam? And How to Get It in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills?

The female physical exam is one of the examinations that is usually ignored by most women except those involved in sports. There are two main types of female physical examination, and there are many reasons why you, as a female, should have a female medical examination annually.

The female physical exam is essential to make sure that you are 100% healthy and to find out if there is a problem before it becomes dangerous. Also, your doctor will be updated about your health status for a better prognosis and treatment if there is an issue.

What Are the Two Types of Female Physical Exams?

The two main types of female physical examinations are the well-woman exam and the standard or basic physical exam.

  • The Standard/Basic Physical Exam:

    The basic physical can be short if your doctor sees that your health is already good. Our doctor will determine good health from your vital signs such as height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Examining your upper and lower limbs, skin, and abdomen is necessary too to assess if there are any warning signs.

    The main goal of this exam is the detection of any signs of change before they become more complicated in addition to assessing your health condition in general.

    A physical exam for 18-year-old females is necessary. But the physical should be performed on all ages and all women, especially athletic women. The regular physical needs doing at least once a year, and some organizations even ask for more than once per year.

  • The Well-Woman Exam:

    The well-woman exam focuses on women’s reproductive system. It is composed of four stages.

  1. The First Stage: Basic Physical Exam & Previous History:

    This stage is similar to the routine physical exam. Your doctor will take a full medical history, including any current complaints.

  2. The Second Stage: The Breast Exam:

    Your doctor will perform a regular breast examination to check any lumps or changes inside the breast tissues or on the breast skin. It is an essential part of the well-woman exam. After examining your breast, your doctor will show you how to check your chest by yourself at home.

  3. The Third Stage: The Pelvic Exam or Gynecological Exam:

    The third stage of the female physical exam is the gynecological examination. It is an optional examination in most clinics. The exam includes the vagina, cervix, uterus, vulva, and ovaries. A pap smear or swab is taken and tested. You will get the results within several days to weeks.

    This examination is essential for discovering cancers as early as possible. Our doctor recommends doing this examination once a year.

  4. The Fourth Stage: Using Protection and Menopause Counseling:

    The final stage of this examination depends on the age of the woman and her sex life. Safe sex counseling targets women under 45 years old to inform them about safe sex methods while menopause counseling targets women over 40 years old to tell them about how to be prepared for the menopause and the changes accompanying it.

    The well-woman exam is recommended for women over the age of 21 since most women become sexually active after this age. Still, in general, any woman can get tested. Our doctors will adjust your female physical exam procedure according to your health needs, but the results are usually the same.


It is crucial to have an annual physical exam to make sure that you are 100% healthy. There is an annual physical exam checklist for females that helps females to keep themselves oriented about what they have checked and what they have not.

At My Concierge MD, Dr. David Nazarian and his team provide essential and well-woman exams for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills females. California patients can make sure that they are 100% healthy and health-educated. If there is any issue, it will be discovered as early as possible for the best prognosis.

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