Our Beverly hills addiction doctors provide outpatient alcohol detox and treatment in our office as well as patients home when appropriate and safe. Alcohol detox when performed alone can be very dangerous and requires medical supervision.

The liver is an crucial organ in the human body, filtering approximately 100 gallons of blood through each and every day. During this process, it removes life-threatening toxins and passes on valuable nutrients. The liver is also responsible for maintaining the body’s metabolic rate and help with digestion. Due to this, the human body cannot survive without the liver.

Alcohol consumption in large doses can lead to liver damage. This can vary from minor to life threatening. Typically, liver damage occurs when it is unable to heal itself due to overexposure or repeated abuse. When this occurs, the liver will scar over. These scars prevent the filtration process from working in those areas. If a large portion of this vital organ is scarred, liver failure will occur.

To avoid this life threatening situation, it is wise to enroll into an outpatient substance abuse program. Patients that embark upon this life changing journey at a treatment center, such as My Concierge MD, will be able to receive advanced care for their alcoholism. Our friendly physicians provide customized outpatient rehabilitation plans that fit each patient’s needs.

What Does Alcohol Detox Entail

Outpatient treatment for alcoholism begins with a patient’s detox. Our highly trained physicians at MyConceirgeMD will evaluate each patient to create the best alcohol program for detox that is both effective and individualized. Due to these factors, each patient’s outpatient substance abuse program will be different. For example, patients that have low levels of glutathione will need this antioxidant and detoxifier administered via IV therapy. If these levels are not rapidly improved, patients are vulnerable to disease and other risk factors that could lead to sickness or death. Increasing glutathione levels will also aid in the detoxification process as things progress.

Patients may be administered Alpha Lipoic Acid, or ALA to protect further liver damage and reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, and other liver diseases. ALA has also been proven to assist with the effects that are generated by glutathione. Due to this, ALA is another viable option that patients may experience during their outpatient addiction treatment. ALA may be administered via an IV or orally depending on the treatment center’s discretion.

Other IV injected detox plans include Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD. This chemical has shown proven success in outpatient alcohol detox and plays a vital role in improving brain function. Patients that are administered NAD typically experience less alcohol withdrawal symptoms and vicariously the desire to consume the liver damaging liquid.

In addition to this, treatment centers may recommend patients partake in a vitamin C or Myers cocktail through an IV. Both of these outpatient substance abuse plans administer the essential vitamins that a body needs to recover quickly during detox. Occasionally, patients will need an additional step, such as Chelation therapy. This outpatient addiction treatment may be used if a high level of heavy metals is found in the body.

Our trained team of physicians and clinical staff will go over each and every option with you if you are suffering from alcohol abuse and liver damage. Each treatment plan is individualized to treat and relieve even the most severe symptoms of liver disease and addiction.

Outpatient Treatment of Alcohol

Once patients are on the road to a speedy recovery, our team of physicians and addiction specialists will make further recommendations to improve the likelihood of the outpatient rehabilitation succeeding. Recommendations include natural options, such as a change in lifestyle, diet, or medication. There is a strong possibility that an increase in vitamins will be prescribed to further help the patient’s body heal. These vitamins include vitamin C and many of the vitamin Bs. The combination will depend heavily on what is best for the patient.

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Encouraging an alcoholic to visit a treatment center is the best way that they can be helped. MyConciergeMD provides patients with a viable way to receive the outpatient treatment they need for their alcoholism. Each outpatient alcohol detox plan is curtailed to the patient’s biochemistry and physical status.

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