It is believed that the vitamin Biotin improves the basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails. This basic protein is called keratin. Biotin deficiency can cause brittle hair and hair loss. Biotin can be taken in a tablet form or given intramuscularly as an injection. Many factors can play a role in hair loss and thus our physicians offer a comprehensive assessment to rule out other causes for your hair loss besides offering biotin supplementation. Contact our office at 877-760-3570 to schedule your biotin injection or IV today with the addition of other supplements to help you with hair growth.

Many supplements and vitamins are not completely absorbed by our bodies through ingestion and thus intramuscular biotin injection has been helpful in increasing biotin levels faster in many patients. Correct dosages of biotin supplementation have shown an increase in hair growth, hair structure and thickness as well as a decrease in hair loss.

Our Beverly Hills office provides Bioton intra-muscular injections as well as IV Bioton and other IV Vitamins for hair growth and strenghtening. We also perform Injections for hair growth of the scalp as well for hair growth, hair loss, streghtening of the hair follicles and stimulation of hair cells. Don’t forget to ask about our specially made biotin tablets that can be purchased through our online store or in our office.

Best vitamins for hair growth?

Biotin as well as iron, vitamin d, zinc and b-complex vitamins have been associated with hair growth and a deceleration in hair loss. It is imperative that a correct workup is performed to assess vitamin and mineral deficiency and other causes for hair loss prior to supplementation. Our clinic can help you with the safe and correct dosing of the supplements that you could take for better hair growth.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, also known as B7 or Vitamin H. Biotin is necessary for the cell growth and the production of fatty acids in living organisms.

How it works?

Biotin converts fatty acids and glucose into fuel to produce energy. It helps to produce enzymes by metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates.

What it treats?

  • Aid in healthy sweat glands
  • Aid in preventing hair loss
  • Nerve tissue and bone marrow
  • Increase metabolism and speed up weight loss
  • Treats acne and eczema
  • Improves blood glucose.
  • Strengthen hair and nails

How is it administered?

Injection or as pills

Who should get Biotin injections?

Biotin is beneficial to everyone, even if you do not have a deficiency.  You should consult with one of our physicians to find out what dosage of biotin is best for you. We carry a line of Biotin supplementation which can be ordered trough our website Shop or in our Beverly Hills office. We also offer a variety of IV Vitamin drips and cocktails for energy, metabolism, weight loss, and more.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment for workup of your hair loss or biotin supplementation and recommendation.

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