Planning a trip overseas? Great! You have probably created lists full of sites to see, possible hotels to stay, transportation reservations and more! Somewhere between the beginning and end of your list should be for you and your travel companion to visit MyConciergeMD’s travel clinic for a list of potential vaccinations needed depending on the country or countries you plan on visiting. One of the vaccines we provide is the Hepatitis A vaccine.

The Hepatitis A vaccine is one of the most effective and safe medicine required in a health system. The vaccination remains on the list of World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines both for travel and required in most countries to be administered. Where the disease is moderately common WHO recommends universal vaccination. If you are traveling internationally and want more information about the vaccines necessary to remain safe and healthy in another country, our physicians at MyConciergeMD are trained to administer and educate our patients regarding all vaccinations needed for travel, including hepatitis A.

What Is the Hepatitis A Vaccine

The disease hepatitis A can be prevented with the help of Hepatitis A Vaccine. It is believed that this vaccine is effective in around 95 percent of the cases which may last for at least fifteen years or possibly a person’s entire life.  At the MyConciergeMD travel clinic, our vaccine is given into the muscles through an injection as most standard vaccinations are administered. Our expert physicians and clinical staff recommend two doses beginning after the age of one. Server side effects of this international travel vaccination are very rare, but there are possibilities of pain at the site of injection for 15 percent children and half of the adults. This vaccination is not recommended by our clinical staff to be administered during pregnancy and for those with poor immune system.

What Is the Use of Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis A virus causes infection which can only be prevented through hepatitis A vaccine. The vaccine helps the body to produce its own protection against disease. In fact, hepatitis A can cause severe liver damage and can result in death if the patient is untreated or not protected against the disease with a hepatitis A vaccination. Primarily hepatitis A is caused from infected food and water and may also occur through person to person contact. When you are in a new country and find yourself eating and drinking local food you will want to make sure you are properly protected against hepatitis A before drinking water or eating restaurant or street food.

Countries Requiring Hepatitis A Vaccine

In the United States, hepatitis A is less common along with few other countries having a higher level of sanitation, good water and sewage systems.  Hepatitis A is a significant health problem in countries having polluted water, poor sewage system and low level of sanitation. Hepatitis A travel vaccination is always recommended in case you are traveling to remote countries like Africa, Asia excluding Japan, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, parts of Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East.

Hepatitis A Travel Injections

Symptoms of hepatitis A may include gastrointestinal upset mild fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. Such symptoms may occur worldwide due to poor sanitation and impure water. As there is no specific treatment for hepatitis A virus, vaccination is recommended for areas having poor hygiene and where drinking water is unsafe. There are various brands of hepatitis A vaccine for travel immunization including Havrix Monodose, Avaxim, Havrix Junior Monodoze, and Vaqta Paediatric. Our physicians will educate you on which vaccination you are receiving, the dosage and possible discomfort you may or may not feel afterward.

Hepatitis A Vaccine Clinic

Vaccines for hepatitis A are offered within the vaccination clinic of MyConciergeMD. Along with receiving important information about travel vaccines, you and your family will be able to receive the hepatitis A vaccine at our clinic where you can rest comfortably while receiving high quality care. Call us today to set up a vaccination at our Los Angeles vaccination clinic.

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