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At My Concierge MD, our team specializes in helping people with diabetes and obesity improve their health by helping them to lose weight. Semaglutide injections are a type of treatment that has been shown to be helpful for those with diabetes, and we offer a variety of Wegovy dosage options that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our patients.

Wegovy shortage and how to get Wegovy injections

Due to the demand of wegovy and semaglutide injections for weight loss there has been a shortage of the medication. Our office has a compounded wegovy injection that works the same as the brand name. In order to order Wegovy weight loss injection, please Contact us at 310-299-8959 to schedule an in office consult or virtual consult

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Wegovy where to buy

There are many places on the internet and social media that are advertising and selling semaglutide injections and Wegovy for weight loss. Some of these places are selling these without a consult with a medical professional, thus putting patients at risk. Semaglutide is sold under the trade name Wegovy. Adults with a BMI of 30 or higher, or a BMI of 27 or higher, and a weight-related condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes, are eligible to use it to treat obesity, according to the FDA.

Wegovy, a weight loss medication, recently made headlines after billionaire Elon Musk claimed to have used it to get “fit, ripped, and healthy.” Elon is not the only one; Wegovy and its sibling, Ozempic, have become well-known among TikTok influencers for their ability to make users lose weight. Although Wegovy has strong clinical evidence to support its use in weight loss, it is important to obtain these medications through a medical doctor and have a consultation to make this is right for you.

In addition, a medical doctor can guide you in regards to the dosage and how to increase the medication safely. These medications are not for everyone and there are clear contraindications on who should not be taking them. Our medical doctor will go through your history as well as the optimal diet, things to do and not to do, and how to adjust the dosage safely. In addition, we will follow up with your progress and make sure you are not having any unwanted side effects.

We can then provide the compounded Wegovy or semaglutide injection to you or call it in to a reputable pharmacy that carries it for you.

What is Wegovy?

A prescription drug called Wegovy (semaglutide) has now received FDA approval for weight loss. Semaglutide functions as a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, simulating the actions of the hormone GLP-1 in the body. A naturally occurring hormone called GLP-1 aids in controlling hunger and blood sugar levels.

Wegovy shouldn’t be combined with other semaglutide-containing products, other GLP-1 receptor agonists, or other weight-loss treatments, whether they be prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies. Patients with a history of pancreatitis have not been studied with wegovy.

What is the dosing for Wegovy for weight loss?

Wegovy is an injection administered once per week that is meant to be used in conjunction with weight loss supplements, calorie-reduced diet and increased physical activity. Patients who took Wegovy experienced significantly greater weight loss in clinical trials than those who took a placebo. Additionally, studies have shown that it can help with other health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Following your healthcare provider‘s dosage recommendations is crucial, and you should never change them without first talking to them. Wegovy is given as a subcutaneous injection, usually in the upper arm, thigh, or abdomen, and ought to be given on the same day every week.

If you forget to take a dose, do so as soon as you remember, but if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and carry on with your regular dosing plan.

Start with a dose of 0.25 mg to get to the maintenance dose of semaglutide, which is 2.4 mg once per week. The dosage should be increased over a 16-week period to a maintenance dose of 2.4 mg once weekly in order to lessen the possibility of experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms. Consider delaying dose escalation or returning to the prior dose in the event of severe gastrointestinal symptoms until they have subsided.

  • Week 1–4 0.25 mg
  • Week 5–8 0.5 mg
  • Week 9–12 1 mg
  • Week 13–16 1.7 mg
  • Maintenance dose 2.4 mg

Weekly doses of wegovy of more than 2.4 mg are not advised.

Possible side effects of wegovy at higher dosages

Wegovy is an effective medication that can help with a variety of conditions, but before you begin taking it, it’s important to be aware of the possible side effects at higher dosages, including:

  • Persons with type 2 diabetes experience changes in their vision.
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts.
  • Extremely bad allergic reactions.
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely to experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), especially if they also use insulin or other type 2 diabetes medications like sulfonylureas.
  • Elevated heart rate.
  • Renal dysfunction (kidney injury /failure).
  • (Pancreatitis) Inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Issues with the gallbladder.

The most frequent side effects of Wegovy® include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, headache, fatigue, upset stomach, dizziness, feeling bloated, belching, gas, stomach flu, heartburn, runny nose, and sore throat. It is important to note that Wegovy is a prescription medication and should only be taken under the medical advice of a healthcare professional. You should never adjust the mg dose of this medication without consulting your healthcare provider first.

Semaglutide, the active component in WegovyTM, was administered to rats and mice in long-term experiments as part of drug testing. In these trials, semaglutide led to the development of medullary thyroid tumors in both rats and mice, some of which were cancerous. It is unknown if semaglutide will result in medullary thyroid cancer, a rare form of thyroid cancer in humans, or thyroid tumors. WegovyTM should not be used if you or any members of your family have ever experienced medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC), a kind of thyroid cancer, or if you have Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome kind 2 (MEN 2).

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Wegovy side effects with alcohol

Common side effects of mixing alcohol while taking wegovy may include:

  • GI upset or discomfort
  • Increase risk of acid reflux
  • Increase risk of dizziness or lightheartedness
  • Increase risk of becoming more intoxicated
  • Worsening Nausea
  • Possible Vomiting
  • Decrease blood sugars
  • Decrease blood pressure

Wegovy Administration

Use this medication exactly as directed by your doctor. Before you begin using this medication, your healthcare provider should teach you how to use it.

  • Using a pen device, wegovy is injected beneath the skin (subcutaneously) in the upper arm, thigh, or stomach (abdomen). This medication should not be administered intravenously or intramuscularly.
  • The recommended dosage for this medication is one dose per week, at any time of the day, on the same day each week.
  • Wegovy may be taken with or without food.
  • Only make an injection when you’re prepared to administer it. If the medication is murky, has changed colors, or has particles in it, contact your pharmacist right once.
  • If you decide to change the day of your weekly injections, begin your new dosing schedule at least two days following your last injection.
  • With each injection, switch up your injection site. Even though you might inject the same body part every week, it’s crucial to use a different location each time. Avoid injecting into skin that is irritated, bruised, red, or firm. Do not inject near scarred or stretch-marked skin.
  • The dose is pre-programmed on your Wegovy pen, and it is only intended for single usage.
  • Since the needle is hidden by the needle cover, no one will be able to see the needle.
  • When you’re prepared to inject, remove the pen cap.
  • The needle cover should not be touched or pushed against since this could result in a needle stick injury.
  • Push the pen firmly against the skin and hold it there until the yellow bar stops moving before you begin to inject.
  • If the yellow bar still does not begin to move, apply extra pressure with the pen to your skin.
  • During the injection, there will be two clicks. The injection began with click 1, and it is still happening with click 2.
  • Before the yellow bar in the pen window has stopped moving, do not remove the pen from your skin. You might not receive the complete dose if you take the needle out prematurely.
  • When the pen is taken off your skin, the needle cover locks. The injection cannot be stopped and resumed later.
  • After usage, immediately place the used Wegovy pen in a sharps disposal container that has received FDA approval. The pen should not be disposed of in your household trash.
  • Without assistance from someone who has been trained to operate the pen, those who are blind or have vision issues shouldn’t use the Wegovy pen.

Wegovy dosage chart

Starting with a 0.25 mg SC once-weekly dosage.

  • Weeks 1-4 – 0.25mg
  • Weeks 5-8 – 0.5mg
  • Weeks 9-12-1mg
  • Weeks 13-16-1.7mg
  • Weeks 17 onward – 2.4mg

Wegovy vs Ozempic

Brand-name semaglutide injections Wegovy and Ozempic are similar in nature but have various applications, strengths, and adverse effects. For these reasons, it’s crucial to understand which medication you ought to take based on your particular requirements. Ozempic is FDA approved for blood sugar control for patients that suffer from type 2 diabetes while Wegovy has been FDA approved for the treatment of morbid obesity and weight loss. They both have the same side effect profiles in general and work on suppressing appetite in patients. The FDA also approved Wegovy for children and teens ages 12 and older who are morbidly obese or have a BMI of 30 or more or 27 with other co-comorbidities. Such comorbidities can include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

The dosage range for Ozempic is 0.25 to 2 mg, whereas the dosage range for Wegovy is 0.25 to 2.4 mg. Both drugs are started by patients at the same low dose of 0.25 mg weekly. Based on the precise outcomes that the customer observes, the dosage is increased. Both Wegovy and Ozempic do not have a recommended dosage. Based on your weight, general health, and other considerations, your doctor will determine the appropriate dose.

Wegovy dosage titration

Semaglutide (Wegovy) dosages are higher than for other therapy regimens.

As a result, it takes longer for you to attain a therapeutic dose during the titration period. Wegovy pens are color-coded for dosage so you can quickly identify the dose you’re taking. Up to the 17th week, you should gradually increase your dose every 4 weeks. You will now begin to take the 2.4mg therapeutic dose.

Also to be noted is the fact that Wegovy will be offered as 4 separate pre-filled pens. Additionally, this is distinct from other Semaglutide injections, which come in a pen with 4 doses. You won’t need to turn the dial to manually adjust the dose you receive because it is pre-set, according to this. Patients taking Wegovy won’t have to deal with different needles because the pens also include an integrated needle.

A prefilled pen injector was used to administer semaglutide at a starting dose of 0.25 mg once per week for the first four weeks. The dose was then increased every four weeks to reach the maintenance dose of 2.4 mg once per week by week 16 (lower maintenance doses were allowed if participants experienced unacceptably severe adverse effects from the 2.4-mg dose).

Wegovy for pcos

Wegovy is a cutting-edge novel medication for PCOS in female patients. Some of the common symptoms of PCOS, including irregular menstrual cycles, high levels of male hormones, and problems with fertility, are lessened by this intramuscular injection. Wegovy works by assisting in the reduction of excessive testosterone and the restoration of ovulation, enabling women to conceive.

With a focus on the emerging role of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs) as a therapeutic option for obese women with PCOS, the objective of the current narrative review is to describe the mechanisms underlying the development of infertility and PCOS in women who are overweight or obese.[5]

Wegovy for weight loss

Wegovy is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist that mimics the actions of the body’s naturally occurring GLP-1 hormone. GLP-1 controls hunger and food intake, as well as insulin secretion and glucose metabolism.

Wegovy for weight loss

Once each week, wegovy is given as a subcutaneous injection, typically in the upper arm, thigh, or abdomen.

Wegovy for prediabetes

FDA-approved medication called Wegovy (semaglutide) is used to treat obesity and manage weight in adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher, or in adults with a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or higher who have at least one weight-related comorbidity, such as prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Wegovy for diabetes

In people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher, or with a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or higher and at least one weight-related comorbidity, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, Wegovy has just received FDA approval for the treatment of chronic weight management.

Wegovy for insulin resistance

Although Wegovy is not specifically prescribed for the treatment of insulin resistance, it may be useful in the management of type 2 diabetes. The condition known as insulin resistance occurs when the body’s cells stop responding to the hormone insulin, which is in charge of controlling blood sugar levels. Other drugs and lifestyle modifications, such as metformin, a drug that aids in lowering the amount of glucose produced by the liver, regular exercise, and a healthy diet, maybe more efficient in managing insulin resistance.

Wegovy for high cholesterol

Improvements in lipid profiles, including decreases in triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and elevations in HDL cholesterol, have been linked to weight loss. Clinical trials have shown that the active ingredient in Wegovy, semaglutide, has these effects on lipid levels.

Cost of Wegovy

Wegovy (semaglutide) received FDA approval for weight loss following fruitful clinical trials, making it the first medication of its kind to achieve that status since 2014. But the price is high. For a 28-day supply, Wegovy was introduced to the market in June at a list price of $1,350 and a cash price of roughly $1,627.

That cost is roughly comparable to that of Saxenda (liraglutide), another injectable weight-loss medication. Saxenda is produced by Novo Nordisk, the same company. Additionally, Wegovy lacks a generic equivalent, allowing Novo Nordisk to set the price however it pleases. Recently, the average retail cost has been $1,626, on average. However, there are approaches to obtaining a lower cost.

Office Pricing for Compounded Semaglutide

Medical consult with physician, body composition test & 3 month supply of the best quality compounded Semaglutide (Wegovy) $1200

Our nursing staff and physician will follow up with your progress and guide you in regards to dosing and any side effects that you may experience. After the 3 month supply, a follow with our physician is required $250 and additional 3 month vial depending on the dosage will range from $800 to $1200

Does insurance cover wegovy prescriptions?

The price of Wegovy, if it is partially or fully covered by insurance, will depend on the classification of Wegovy by your insurance and the tier or level of your benefit. To find out the price and your copay, call your insurance.

If your doctor prescribes this medication and you have commercial insurance, using a Wegovy Savings Copay Card from the manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, may make it more cheap for you to get access. Patients with commercial insurance who qualify can save up to $200 each prescription fill by paying as little as $25 for a 28-day supply (one box of injectable pens). Patients with government-sponsored insurance, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or TriCare, are often ineligible for copay cards.

Does blue cross or blue shield cover Wegovy for weight loss?

It is dependent on the insurance plan and your body mass index or BMI and if it is 30 or more. Some insurances will cover the cost of Wegovy and semaglutides if you have a BMI of 27 or more with other comorbidities like hypertention, diabetes, sleep apnea, history of coronary vascular disease. Blue shield may require its members to try a lifestyle and exercise program prior to covering the cost of the medication. Our office can help verify you insurance and try to obtain coverage for the medications for you. There is a blue cross blue shield authorization process that needs to be done and your medical records to be reviewed.

What if insurance does not cover the cost of my diabetes weight loss injections?

If insurance does not cover the cost of your diabetes weight loss injection, our office has a compounded semaglutide that works the same and costs a fraction of the cost of the brand name.

Wegovy Coupon

Use the following coupon from Wegovy to receive a savings of $225 per 28 day supply (1 box) for up to 12 fills for commercially insured patients with coverage for Wegovy

You can also use the WellRx coupon to get cash discount at your local pharmacy

How much weight can I lose with wegovy injections?

According to research, Patients on Wegovy dropped an average of 35 lbs (15.9 kg), or nearly 15% of their body weight, as opposed to the placebo group’s loss of 6 lbs (2.7 kg), or around 2.5%. In total, 83% of persons using Wegovy lost 5% or more of their body weight after 68 weeks, compared to 31% of adults using a placebo.

How long does it take to lose weight on Wegovy?

Wegovy treatment may result in weight loss during the first four weeks, but the full effects of the medication may not become apparent for several months or even longer.

Contraindications for the use of Wegovy

The use of this medication is not recommended in the following situations. Consult your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Diabetic retinopathy is a form of eye damage brought on by diabetes.
  2. Medullary thyroid cancer
  3. Multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2
  4. Family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma
  5. Suicidal thoughts/ Depression

Wegovy Injections near me

MyConciergeMD, Beverly Hills, offers the best Wegovy injections near me in Beverly Hills but can also come to your home or office throughout the Los Angeles area. We serve patients near Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Hollywood, Venice, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Downtown Los Angeles, Encino, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, Burbank, Glendale, Hidden Hills, Agoura Hills, Northridge, North Hollywood, Topanga, Canoga Park, Reseda, Valley Glen, Chatsworth, West Hills, Winnetka, Universal City, Silverlake, Echo Park, and many more.


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