What Is a Pulmonary Function Test?

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Pulmonary function testing or spirometry is actually a group of non-invasive diagnostic tests that measure how well the lungs are working in taking in and releasing air, including how they are moving gases such as oxygen from the atmosphere throughout the body’s circulatory system. This test also known as a PFT test or functional testing is performed in our Beverly Hills office.

spirometry and lung capacity test can help our physicians diagnose lung disease or monitor lung conditions currently being treated. Functional testing is easy and does not require any prior preparations. This breath test takes approximately 15 minutes or so to perform and is routinely performed as a part of an annual physical.

Pulmonary function tests are performed to:

  • Diagnose various type of lung disorders, such as asthma and emphysema
  • Determine effects of exposure to chemicals with regard to lung function
  • Identify causes of shortness of breath
  • Assess medication effects
  • Measure lung function prior to surgeries
  • Measure and monitor treatments

The test can also be performed on healthy individuals as part of their routine physical.

How is Pulmonary Function Testing Performed?

Pulmonary function testing or PFT testing is performed using a spirometer, state-of-the-art equipment that measures airflow (intake and outtake of air into the lungs). The spriometer test, by measuring the amount of air the patient exhales, as well as the amount, is a way in which your concierge doctor can evaluate a number of potential lung diseases or risks.

In a seated position, the patient breathes into a mouthpiece that is attached to the spirometer. The concierge physician may ask the patient to breathe normally, or with a deep inhale/exhale. The doctor may also have the patient inhale a substance or medication in order to observe test results.

Lung volume can be measured in the following ways:

  • The patient remains seated in an airtight compartment (body plethysmograph) and breathes into a mouthpiece. Pressure changes in the compartment are recorded automatically.
  • The patient can breathe helium or nitrogen gas through a tube for a specified duration. Gas concentration in an attached chamber is measured, allowing the concierge doctor to estimate lung volume.

Diffusion capacity is measured by the patient breathing in a harmless gas, or tracer gas, for a brief amount of time (typically for one breath). The concentration of the gas that comes out is measured and provides an indication to the doctor as to how effective the oxygen is being moved from the air to the bloodstream.

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How Do I Prepare for spirometry?

Patients should not eat a heavy meal before testing, and should not smoke 6 hours prior to the appointment. Our concierge doctor will also advise the patient as to whether or not he/she should take bronchodilators or inhaler medicines. The non-invasive test is performed in My Concierge MD’s private Beverly Hills office.

How Will the Pulmonary Function Test Feel?

The test is painless, however, due to some strenuous breathing, some patients may feel lightheaded or some shortness of breath may occur. The concierge physician will personally monitor the patient during measuring lung capacity and the entire procedure.

How Long Will The Test Take?

The test should take about an 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. The test results can be reviewed with you shortly thereafter with your concierge physician at My Concierge MD.

To learn more about pulmonary function testing or to schedule YOUR test date (under a concierge physician’s recommendation), please fill in the form under Contact or call 877-760-3570 today!

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