COVID-19 Testing Services for Production Companies – Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

With film and TV production companies aiming to restart their filming schedules, many are concerned about the safety of being back on set. My Concierge MD offers COVID testing for cast and crew members of film & TV productions to ensure that the filming process goes as smoothly as possible without endangering anyone’s life.

Keeping in mind newly released protocols such as The Safe Way Forward, established by film institutions including SAF-AFTRA and the DGA, if your crew is about to step back into a studio lot for filming, it is important to test everyone before filming starts and follow up with regular testing every 3 weeks. With such a high demand for testing, your cast and crew may not be able to always find access for a Coronavirus test. To stay on schedule but keep everyone on set safe, book an appointment for COVID testing at our medical office in Beverly Hills for onsite testing as well as drive thru and house calls.

The Dangers of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a new threat with no vaccine as of yet. To minimize infection in the workplace, COVID testing is the only way to move forward without risking your crew’s health.

COVID-19 causes a respiratory disease that results in high fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The virus spreads from one person to another through the air droplets that are produced during sneezing and coughing. A useful safety measure to enforce on studio lots is mandatory face mask use for crew members behind the camera. It is also crucial to place sanitizers and gloves around the studio for crew members such as make up artists and hair stylists to use while working.

Beyond the workplace, if any of your crew members becomes infected with Coronavirus, they risk not only their lives and their coworkers’ lives but the lives of their families as well. That is why it is of utmost importance to prioritize the safety of your crew. It is important to note that COVID symptoms may not always show right after infection occurs, the benefit of regular testing is that it can detect the infection at an early stage and help control it before it spreads.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Our medical facility and team can perform rapid covid-19 antigen testing onsite for your production crew and facility with results available in 15 minutes, as well as same day or 24 hour RT-PCR testing. Our highly trained medical team understands the time constraints associated with production and can work with you to make this an easy process. Our team can setup pop up tents as well as walk up stations to test your production crew with ease. Please email us at to find out more information and to schedule your testing date. We provide corporate discounts for large groups and would be delighted to assist and make sure there are no delays with filming and production.

Our COVID Testing Services

Prior to the start of shooting, book an appointment at My Concierge MD to test all members of your cast and crew for coronavirus. Our office provides various COVID testing services including:

We perform rapid RT-PCR COVID testing, rapid antigen testing and and antibody testing for coronavirus. We can schedule an provide the these services at your location or ours to allow your talent, cast and crew to return to work at the studios. Based on the type of test, results will be available within 15 minutes (for rapid COVID-19 atigen test) and typically same day (for PCR test).

To find out more about our coronavirus testing services, email or  call us on 877-760-3558.

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