What Is Sports Physical Exam & How to Get it in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills?

What is Sports Physical Exam?

A sports physical exam or sports physical or a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), as known in the medical field, determine whether a person can participate in particular sports safely. If you are about to start your exercise routine or join a new competition, you should first get sports physical and talk to a healthcare provider to make sure that your well enough to do so.

Please note that a sports physical exam does not replace your annual checkup. Sports physical is more about checking your health history and making sure that you can participate in physical activities. It is not as comprehensive as your annual checkup.

Most people know that they should get a sports physical exam before participating in any new sport or starting a new exercise routine. However, people online ask where can I get a sports physical near me! Well, if you live in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, My Concierge MD is your destination to get the best sports physical exam in LA and Beverly Hills.


What Happens During a Sports Physical at My Concierge MD?

We divide our sports physical exam up into four stages.

In the first stage, one of our healthcare staff will check your vital signs, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar level. Your weight and height will be measured, too, since they play significant roles in the stress levels added on your muscles, bones, and especially joints.

The second stage is examining your eyes to see whether your vision is good enough for participating in sports or not. If not, you may require prescription lenses or change yours if you already wear glasses.

The third stage is reviewing your entire medical history. We will ask about your previous health problems, surgeries, and conditions such as bronchial asthma and allergies. According to your medical history, some investigations may require us to assess your health condition better. In some cases, we may refer you to a specialist or recommend not to participate in certain physical activities to avoid any complications.

The fourth stage is the fitness checkup. We assess your heart, chest, and abdomen condition to make sure that you are 100% ready to participate in the new physical activity. We explain to you how certain physical limitations, such as bronchial asthmas, surgeries, or hernias, might affect your health if you decided to participate anyway.

We also assess your muscles, bones, and joints to see if there is any problem and explain to you the changes that will occur after a while of exercising and if you may or may not get injuries and the most common areas that may get injured.

After that, we give you our general opinion about whether you should participate in sports or not and how to build a healthier body.

Is It Necessary to Have a Sports Physical Exam?

Yes, it is. Studies show that it is essential for everyone, especially children and young athletes, to get a sports physical before starting participating in sports.

We have compiled a list of reasons why it is crucial to have a sports physical.

  1. Ensuring that your participation in sports is going to be 100% safe.
  2. Finding out if there is any life-threatening health condition such as bronchial asthmas and heart problems.
  3. Finding out if any conditions that may be limitations such as injuries and recent surgeries.
  4. Evaluating the situation and determining whether a treatment plan is required or not.
  5. Assessing the condition and removing any insignificant limitations.
  6. Providing kids, young teenagers, and even adults with the essential tips about healthy diets, how to avoid drugs and alcohol, and the importance of wearing safety elements such as helmets.
  7. Explaining why certain conditions, such as irregular heartbeat or bone dislocation, restrict physical activity.


Most clubs and schools require a sports physical before allowing athletes and students to hit the field. They provide a sports physical form that must be filled by a certified place such as My Concierge MD.

If you live in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and wonder where to get sports physicals near me, we are waiting for you.

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