Rapid COVID-19 Testing – Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Upon approval by FDA for use and when available.

The current coronavirus (COVID-19)pandemic is a worldwide health issue. At My Concierge MD, we are helping people in the Greater Los Angeles area get tested for COVID-19 to ensure they get the medical care they need. We perform COVID nasal swabs as well as rapid COVID tests to deliver faster results.

Our Beverly Hills team does house calls as well as drive-through testing at our office parking.

What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a new strain of the virus that belongs to the Coronavirus family. This family causes many diseases such as the common cold and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)among others.

Transmission of the coronavirus can happen from animal to man. The spread of the virus occurs when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The virus uses mucous membranes like the eyes, nose, and mouth to enter the body.

Signs and Symptoms

The three core symptoms of coronavirus infection are fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

If patients are not treated appropriately, complications like pneumonia, kidney failure, and death may follow.

What is Rapid COVID Testing?

The rapid COVID test kit is a quick, safe, and noninvasive method to check if you have coronavirus. When exposed to any type of microbe, the human body produces an immune response. White blood cells are activated and begin the fight against the infection. Part of your immune response depends on the production of antibodies that battle infections.

The rapid COVID test kit detects antibodies against COVID-19in your bloodstream. There are two types of antibodies that the human body produces when exposed to COVID-19: IgM and IgG. IgM antibodies typically rise 1 week after infection whereas IgG starts rising 2 weeks after infection.

How does it work?

The rapid COVID test kit looks very similar to standard pregnancy tests. It only requires a blood sample to detect antibodies against coronavirus in your bloodstream. Our physicians will perform a simple finger prick, obtain your blood sample, and add a few drops of your blood sample into the testing well to check if the antibodies are present.

How long does it take to get results for Rapid COVID Test?

Unlike the standard COVID nasal swab test, the rapid COVID test is much faster. The kit analyzes your blood sample on the spot with no need for laboratory specialists or special equipment. Results are usually available within 15 minutes.

The rapid COVID test has been used and verified as a reliable testing method in China and Europe. The FDA strongly advises that, while still under investigation, individuals who take the rapid test still need to undergo the nasal swab test as well.

Benefits of Rapid COVID Testing

  • Easy to perform
  • Low cost
  • Quick (results in 15 minutes or less)
  • Accurate results

Schedule a Consultation

What should you do if you think you are infected with coronavirus?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath or have been in contact with positive coronavirus patients, contact us as soon as possible. Our medical office has set up telemedicine services over the phone where you can get a detailed consultation about your case.

Our physicians will evaluate your case and schedule an appointment for a drive through rapid COVID test at our office parking. If you cannot leave your home, our team also performs house calls and can visit you in your home for rapid COVID testing.

What to do after getting tested?

After you get tested, your physician will provide you with clear instructions on how to proceed next depending on your result. If you are coronavirus negative, you will be able to go back home but should self-isolate to minimize the risk of infection. If you are coronavirus positive, there are two options to choose from based on the severity of your symptoms.

If your symptoms are mild, you can go back home to recover but will need to self-isolate and wear protective clothing like face masks and gloves when interacting with anyone at home. If your symptoms are severe, you will be referred to a hospital where you will be admitted and treated accordingly.

For more details about COVID testing, call our Beverly Hills facility on 877-760-3558

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