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Los Angeles-based My Concierge MD a “concierge” style medical practice provides a uniquely personal, one-on-one relationship with one’s physician—the type of relationship that has become all too uncommon in modern medical delivery. For local residents in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area desiring this sort of trusted relationship with private doctor, My Concierge MD offers discrete and highly qualified private doctors, available to make same-day or next-day visits at our offices, your home, hotel, or office. Dr. Nazarian is highly regarded and highly trained and practices as a private general practitioner in Beverly Hills.

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By limiting the number of patients seen, Dr. Nazarian and My Concierge MD’s private doctors are able to respond to their patients’ needs and appointment requests quickly, and to spend leisurely visits with each patient. In-office comprehensive physicals, executive physicals, screenings diagnostic tests, a variety of cancer screenings, EKGs, STD tests, pregnancy tests, x-rays, ultrasounds,  comprehensive blood work, extensive cardiac workup and the treatment of acute illnesses—can all be offered by Los Angeles private doctors like those at My Concierge MD.

These Board Certified private physicians make it a priority to learn about each of their patient’s medical history, family history, lifestyle, and medical concerns, and to work directly with patients to design comprehensive wellness plans and personalized nutrition strategies. Los Angeles private doctors take the stress out of healthcare by providing friendly care of the highest quality and convenience. Not unlike a hotel concierge, physicians such as My Concierge MD’s Dr. David Nazarian will answer your call at any hour and respond to your needs quickly. In addition to providing preventive care, these private doctors diagnose and treat illnesses and minor injuries at a dramatically lower cost than pricey emergency room visits.

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