What is Body Composition analysis?

Body Composition Testing | My Concierge MD in Beverly Hills

Our bodies are made up of two different types of mass:  fat mass and fat-free mass. Fat-free mass includes your bones, skeletal muscle and water.  When people refer to body composition, they typically are referring to a body fat test that measures the percentage of the body mass that is fat. Our Beverly Hills office is equipped with body fat measurement and body composition testing analyzer.

Normal body weight scales measure one’s total weight, but can’t provide the lean-to-fat ratio.. Standing on most scales can tell you only if you weigh more than the average person, but not if that weight is fat or muscle.  By this “standard,” many athletes would be deemed overweight according to weight charts, even though they may only have a body fat percentage of 7%, which is actually quite healthy!

Muscle mass that is lean expends more calories than fat and is, therefore, more desirable to maintain a healthy body and shape.

How is Body Composition Measured?

There are several methods of measuring body composition. Hydrostatic testing, where the body is submerged underwater, was at one time considered the “gold standard.”  Now, there are even more advanced methods and technologies that are used; two excellent state-of-the-art testing systems are available for health-conscious patients through our Concierge Physicians at My Concierge MD:  the GE Prodigy Advance Lunar System and the Inbody 230 Body Composition Analyzer.

What is Body Composition Scanning?

It is clear that stepping on a scale alone is a rudimentary and imprecise way to assess one’s health.  Body composition scanning provides a more complete analysis to assist both patient and doctor in making positive decisions in modern healthcare.

A body composition scan quite simply will measure the amount of bone, fat and muscle in your body, (your “body composition”).  It is simple and painless.

The GE Lunar iDXA (pronounced I-DEXA), used extensively on the NBC series “The Biggest Loser,” provides the most accurate body composition analysis available today. This is extremely important in helping you and your physician assess what progress is being made in your workouts, and to accurately reveal where muscle is being built, and conversely, where fat is being lost.

The system is used to calculate gains and losses in fat and muscle, providing a baseline analysis for any weight management programs.  This is extremely helpful in allowing our medical professionals to design a nutritional program specifically geared toward individual needs, and also provides a terrific tracking system to gauge results over time (specific regions of your body).

Body Composing Test | My Concierge MD in Beverly Hills

The Inbody 230 is fast and efficient, and is non-invasive body composition analyzer that is the only system available providing segment analysis (where the muscle content is measured in each limb).  !  With more precision than a hydrostatic test, the Inbody 230 is a terrific correlation with iDXA and is currently used in our own backyard at USC!

How is Body Composition Scanning and Analysis Performed?

After your initial consultation, Body Composition Scanning and Analysis is performed in our office under the doctor’s supervision. The iDXA scan, using a low-dose x-ray is relatively quick and usually takes under seven minutes.  The person remains fully clothed and lies still during the scan, after which the Concierge Physician will provide a printout of results for review.  Inbody 230 analysis is completely non-invasive, and takes about ten minutes from start to finish.  (It is often referred to as “fitness on the go”!) We also offer body fat scales that measure accurate body fat.

In order to obtain state-of-the-art body composition analyses, My Concierge MD can help you measure and track your results to prepare the very best exercise regimen and nutrition plan.  Modern medicine for today’s pro-active patients!

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