IV NAD Therapy: Boost Energy and Increase Your Body’s NAD Stores

Our Beverly Hills practice has been effectively utilizing NAD IV Therapy and IV Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to assist patients feel better, increase energy levels, and detox from addicting substances. NAD+ levels and its important coenzymes have been linked with the aging process and our anti aging practice offer NAD IV therapy for its anti-aging properties. NAD+ levels play many important roles in our bodies and as we age the the bodies stores decrease.

Our medical practice offers the replacement of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and its coenzymes via IV drip therapy in our Beverly Hills office as well as through house calls. Contact us today to find out the many benefits of NAD and to schedule your appointment to receive this new therapy.

What is in NAD IV therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IV therapy is a type of intravenous treatment that is believed to have regenerative properties in our bodies and help slow down the aging process. NAD is a coenzyme that binds in your body, offering a host of benefits like increase ATP production, increased focus and cognitive function, clear brain fog, activating antioxidants, reducing inflammation in the body, reduced withdrawal symptoms during addiction recovery and improving overall health and wellness. Without the NAD coenzymes and enzymes, our bodies may not have the proper elements it needs to function at its best. NAD therapy supports function at the cellular level while providing a host of benefits.

What are the benefits of NAD IV therapy?

  • Regenerative properties
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Improve cellular function
  • Improve focus, mental clarity, cognitive function and overall brain function
  • Clear brain fog
  • Increase ATP production
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Improve overall health and wellness
  • Assist in recovery from addiction and substance abuse
  • Assist in anxiety and depression
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Increase lifespan
  • Decrease age related disease
  • Improve neurological function
  • Improve muscle strength and function
  • Reduce fatigue and improve energy
  • Assist in weight loss
  • Improve other medical conditions

How does NAD play a role in metabolism

NAD and NAD+ works on the cellular level and the mitochondria to help in the metabolic process and cellular energy metabolism and energy production. NAD(+) plays an important role in the oxidation-reduction reactions in mitochondria and living cells as well as a signaling molecule. NAD(+) plays a key role in mitochondrial function via participation in pyruvate dehydrogenase, tricarboxylic acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation chemistries. NAD increases the activity of SIRT1 and PARP1 proteins which have been associated with the slowing of the aging process as well as DNA repair. The sirtuin family of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (SIRT1–7) are thought to be responsible for the cardiometabolic benefits of lean diets and exercise and when activated can slow down some of the key aspects of aging. SIRT1 protects against a decline in vascular endothelial function, metabolic syndrome, ischemia-reperfusion injury, obesity, and cardiomyopathy, and SIRT3 is protective against dyslipidemia and ischemia-reperfusion injury.

How does NAD play a role in metabolism - MY CONCIERGE MD

As we age, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels and sirtuin activity steadily decrease, and the decline is further exacerbated by weight gain and a sedentary lifestyles. Activation of sirtuins or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide repletion induces angiogenesis, insulin sensitivity, and other health benefits in a wide range of age-related cardiovascular and metabolic disease models. Human clinical trials are currently ongoing and an increase in NAD+ levels show promise in their ability to improve the overall health of cardiovascular and metabolic disease patients.

NAD IV and Anti-Aging

NAD and its coenzyme are believed to help restore the integrity of cells as well as assist in DNA repair. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a potent antioxidant and thus can help with the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Our bodies naturally produce NAD to help combat damage from free radicals, but unfortunately this important molecule decreases as we age and with environmental exposure. Restoring NAD levels in the body can improve physical appearance, cognitive function as well as overall health and wellness. One of the main differences at the DNA level between old age individuals and children is their telomere length. Telomeres represent a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at chromosome ends. It is believed that NAD plays a role in the decrease of telomere lenght and slowing of the aging process. The most effective way to increase NAD levels is by an IV drip.

NAD Cellular Detox in Los Angeles

NAD Cellular Detox is only offered in a few centers throughout the United States. Our state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles provides a comprehensive approach to health and wellness which encompasses IV Vitamin therapy and brain restorative therapy with the best IV infusion of NAD compounded in the United States.

Patients who choose MyConciergeMD arrive from all over the country and the United States in search of the best treatment center that provides IV NAD therapy. We provide customized detox plans as well as anti-aging plans to help you feel your best. Our services range from psychiatric evaluation and treatment, psychotherapy, medical evaluations and treatment, nutritional assessment and treatment, IV Vitamin replacement, hormone optimization and more. Each patient in our practice receives a unique treatment plan that fits their needs and is based on their medical history and possible addiction history.

Withdrawal and detox can often times be a long and painful process. Withdrawal symptoms ranging from diarrhea, body aches, depression, fatigue, headaches, mood changes, nausea, and seizures can all be too much for one to handle on their own.

These withdrawal symptoms can often make it very difficult for someone addicted to undergo detox and receive the treatment that they so desperately need. It is very difficult and at times very dangerous to treat detox and undergo withdrawal symptoms without medical supervision depending on the addicted substance.

Once the symptoms of withdrawal are minimized or eliminated and patients properly detoxed, patients may focus on long-term recovery. Our physicians and clinical staff at MyConciergeMD are highly trained in addiction medicine and treating those with addiction to a variety of drugs and substances. Our teams of experts use a variety of treatment modalities including IV NAD detox therapy, IV infusion therapy, to decrease withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This novel approach at the same time provide cellular energy and stores of neurotransmitters and improves overall health.

Benefits of IV NAD besides detox

There are many other benefits of IV NAD therapy besides its role in addiction and recovery. IV NAD therapy has been shown to be helpful in increasing energy levels, improving memory, improving alertness, improving athletic performance, improving mood, improving sleep, decreasing cardiovascular risk, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing aortic stiffness, increasing HDL levels, improving cellular dysfunction, and more.

One of the greatest benefits of IV NAD in detox is its effectiveness in decreasing the discomfort associated with withdrawals and its ability to help in detoxing from addicting substance for good. Through treatment, cravings are significantly reduced and the detox process speeds up at an increased rate. At times, traditional detox medications are used less regularly and patients have an easier time throughout the whole process.

Apart from providing detoxification to the body, increased energy in brain cells and other cells in the body is provided by NAD infusion. NAD has other functions in the body including protecting and repairing our DNA, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, boosting our immune system, as well as improving blood flow to the whole body.

New research shows a link with NAD levels and parkinsons disease. The decline of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels is a hallmark of aging in multiple organisms and tissues, including the human brain. Hence, agents that increase intracellular NAD+ could have beneficial effects in aging and age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Disturbances in NAD+ metabolism have also been observed in Parkinson’s disease (PD), supporting a link between neuronal bioenergetics failure and disease pathogenesis.

Does IV NAD help increase Neurotransmitter levels?

Yes. NAD IV treatment has been shown to increase neurotransmitter levels .Many patients who have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past state that their symptoms and overall health and well-being are much better after receiving a 10 day NAD infusion in our center.

Does IV NAD help increase Neurotransmitter levels - MY CONCIERGE MD

What Is NAD brain restoration therapy?

Brain restoration therapy is the process of rebuilding the neurotransmitter pathways and other effects that have occurred due to age, stress, alcohol or drug use. NAD a co-factor of B3 is used in the structure of synapses and in the process of producing energy. Research performed on mice found that administration of NAD had anti-aging effects on the brain and brain cell tissue of older mice.

Brain destroying diseases like addiction to drugs and alcohol, chronic stress, anxiety, chronic medication use, depression can be treated safely with intravenous NAD and NAD+. People who suffer from substance abuse and addiction can obtain and use NAD therapy in the comfort of their home in the Los Angeles area or in the comfort of our Beverly Hills facility. Our medical team and trained nursing staff will monitor you and your vitals as you receive your treatment to assure unwanted side effects.

A new study reveals that circadian rhythms may be linked to NAD and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) can prevent the age-related disruption of circadian rhythms in mice.

The most well-known example of a circadian rhythm is our sleep and awake cycle, but it can refer to any biological process that has an internal, entrainable rhythm based around a 24-hour period.

How is NAD used in detox and addiction?

A high dose of NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is provided intravenously throughout a 10 day treatment course. Patients have a small IV catheter inserted in their vein like they do with blood draws or IV Vitamin therapy and monitored for duration of 6 to 8 hours a day. Some patients are able to tolerate the nad iv treatment administration with fewer side effects and can finish the treatment course within 4 hours while others require a longer duration of therapy hours.

NAD is a coenzyme of niacin or vitamin B3 which helps in releasing energy to cells in our body. It is believed that NAD administration assists in the cellular production of energy and this increase energy delivery assists the brain and body during detox and recovery.

Hence the mind and body are equipped to move forward for a successful recovery. IV NAD helps patients suffering from anxiety, fatigue, and depression that may be associated with detoxification from substances that the body has formed dependence to. Besides the brain healing effects, high levels of NAD is also thought to have anti-aging effects as well and used in the treatment of attention deficit, alzheimers, headaches, muscle pain, chronic fatigue and more. While you are hooked up to the IV drip, you are able to take care of your work on your laptop, make calls and do other day to day activities. Our staff can assist you with anything that you may need while at our facility and hooked up to the IV therapy. If you are having detoxification performed at your home or hotel, our nursing staff can monitor you and assist you with anything needed.

For addiction, there are four NAD Cellular Detox protocols provided by our addiction specialists. These treatment protocols are for stimulants, alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates. These are 10-day infusions which may require up to six to eight hours a day. Energy starts increasing inside the brain and the heart cells immediately after receiving the infusions of NAD. As such, the mood of the patient improves by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters.

What is the difference between IV NAD and oral NAD?

NAD IV therapy is the most efficient and successful way to replace NAD+ levels in our bodies. It is believed that NAD oral supplements are not fully absorbed and do not successfully raise the NAD+ levels in our bodies as NAD IV treatment does.


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