With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still actively affecting millions of lives all around the world after months of its rise, a vaccine is the ultimate solution. Scientists and researchers have been working on a vaccine for the virus but the process of producing a reliable, side effect-free vaccine is not an easy one. Once the vaccine is finalized and approved as safe, My Concierge MD will be among the first clinics to administer the vaccine, providing all its Los Angeles clients with the ultimate form of protection.

How does the COVID-19 vaccine work?

A vaccine is made by taking bacteria or viruses and creating a weaker version of them. When this weaker version enters your body, it triggers your immune system to start fighting without actually making you sick.

The COVID-19 vaccine is made from the mRNA gene of the virus to trigger the immune system to create antibodies and an immune response to protect a reinfection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

There are various types of vaccines:

  • Live attenuated vaccine (LAV) – contains a weakened microbe
  • Inactivated vaccine – contains a killed microbe
  • Subunit vaccine – contains a part of the microbe
  • Toxoid vaccine – contains toxins produced by microbe

All the vaccine types mentioned above work in a similar way by triggering your immune system to produce antibodies that protect your body against future infection.

Vaccines are effective because they protect you from getting infected, but they also protect others as well. Once enough people are vaccinated, an infection is no longer widespread enough to affect the community that even those who are did not receive the vaccine are also protected. This is called herd immunity and it is a major advantage of vaccines.

How is a vaccine made?

The process of making a vaccine usually takes years as it passes through multiple trial phases to make sure it is effective and does not cause adverse reactions. However, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the process of vaccine development as been accelerated to produce a vaccine as soon as possible.

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When will a vaccine for coronavirus be ready?

At the moment, there is no vaccine for coronavirus. However, several ongoing trials are at various phases of vaccine development. This vaccine tracker keeps record of the latest updates about the COVID vaccine and as of today, there are 100 vaccines currently being tested, 11 of which are already in phase 3. Based on these statistics, it is expected that a reliable vaccine for coronavirus will be available for public use by early 2021.

Most of the phase 3 vaccines are subunit vaccines, containing only part of the coronavirus mRNA or glycoprotein. Once injected, this COVID particle activated the immune response inside the human body to produce antibodies that can protect you from future coronavirus infection.

My Concierge MD Vaccine Services

The vaccine is still pending approval but once it is ready for public use, My Concierge MD will start administered the vaccine as soon as possible. You and your family members will be able to book appointments for vaccine administration. Depending on your schedule, your appointment can be at our medical office in Beverly Hills or our staff can arrange a house visit bringing the vaccine to you.

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