About Typhoid Vaccine

Traveling is incredibly exciting, and international travel often requires detailed planning. Naturally when considering travel destinations it is important to look into potential vaccinations needed to protect yourself and your travel companion(s) against viruses and diseases otherwise absent in the United States. Typhoid Fever is spread through food and water that has been contaminated as well as close human contact making it difficult to avoid in certain countries.

There are two types of Typhoid vaccines that can be administered to prevent Typhoid fever. First is the injectable inactivated Typhoid vaccine. The other option is the Live Typhoid Vaccine which is taken orally by the patients, over the course of 4 doses. At MyConciergeMD vaccine clinic, our physicians have been properly trained to administer both types of vaccines, and ensure that our clients are 100% protected.

What does the Typhoid Vaccine defend against?

The Typhoid fever is a life-threatening infectious disease that is caused by a bacteria known as Salmonella typhi.  Symptoms of Typhoid Fever include a high fever, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, general weakness in the body and a distinct flat, red rash that can spread throughout the body. Although Typhoid Fever is treated with antibiotics it can easily spread to others once a round of antibiotics have been completed. For this reason our physicians highly encourage travelers to receive a vaccination at least 4-6 weeks before traveling internationally.

Typhoid vaccines administered by our medical practitioners are given to prevent Typhoid Fever and have been proven to be around 30-70% effective for the first two years, depending on the specific vaccine the physician used. Our physicians at MyConciergeMD vaccine clinic are specially trained to offer this vaccine and offer general information about the vaccine should you have any questions.

Why is Typhoid Vaccine Important for Travel?

Our physicians recommend that you get a vaccination against Typhoid fever in case you will be traveling to destinations in the world where the condition is common. This mostly includes areas where you will be unable to watch the hygiene of your food and drink. Part of the prevention involves ensuring that your food and water is safe to consume, especially in areas where the infection is common. Some of the foods that you might need to be careful of include salads, unwashed fruits, raw or undercooked meat and shellfish.

While avoiding suggested foods and drinks are encouraged, it is nearly impossible to discern what will and won’t make you and your companion(s) potentially sick with Typhoid Fever and other diseases and viruses. For this reason our team of physicians and medical practitioners highly encourage vaccinations as a general precaution and first line of defense.

How is the Typhoid vaccine administered?

The typhoid vaccine administered by injection helps in the prevention of the infection, but does not provide 100% protection. Therefore, it is important that you avoid infected persons or food that you suspect may be infected. To get the best protection out of the vaccine, you need to complete the vaccine at least a week before you travel. Our physicians at MyConciergeMD  can help schedule a process that will be in line with your travel plans. Important to note; in case you travel regularly to areas in which the virus is common, you need to get a booster dose of the vaccine every two years.

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What Countries is the Typhoid Fever Vaccine Highly Encouraged?

Typhoid is very rare in the US and first world countries? where there are good water and sewerage systems. But in case you are traveling to a part of the world where this could be a problem, then Typhoid vaccine will help protect you from Typhoid fever. According to the U.S CDC (Centers for Disease Control), travelers need to be careful when traveling to Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Where Can I Get Typhoid Vaccine?

If you are planning a trip internationally we encourage you and your loved ones to visit MyConciergeMD vaccine clinic or call to schedule an appointment before traveling abroad. Our physicians have been specially trained to offer health care and protection against Typhoid fever. We will also ensure that your dosages are scheduled in time so that you can travel with added protection against viruses and diseases. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest, call MyConceirgeMD to receive more information about vaccinations offered at our Los Angeles vaccination clinic.

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