What Is VO2 Max Exercise Testing?

At My Concierge MD our team of doctors are committed to our patients’ preventive healthcare and maximized exercise plans.  That end, we offer VO2 max testing, rarely performed in physician’s offices.  The  VO2 max test is different from a stress test and help us assess overall fitness, cardiac health and lung function.

VO2 exercise testing or VO2 max test can provide direct information about a patient’s body, fitness level, endurance as well as serve as a guide to improve exercise and weight loss programs.

VO2 max, which is a key indicator that is measured during test, refers to the maximal capacity of a person’s body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise.  This will demonstrate a patient’s physical fitness.

Benefits of VO2 Exercise Testing

We have unique bodies, and at My Concierge MD, uniqueness of our clients is our specialty.

When a patient exercises aerobically, the most critical component of their workouts is the intensity.  In fact, most people work out too hard, and their regimen is not focused as specifically as it could be.  The VO2 max test is the only way to determine the best intensities for one’s workout regiment, for those wanting to lose weight, train for endurance or athletes wanting to build up sustainable speed or reach their goals faster and with less difficulty. We will teach you how to increase vo2 max effectively.

How is VO2 Exercise Testing Performed?

MyConciergeMD | Vo2 Max Los AngelesVO2 exercise testing or Vo2 max testing is performed in our Beverly Hills office.  The patient is affixed with a mask and begins at a slow pace on a treadmill.  At each minute interval, the pace intensifies until the patient has reached maximum capacity.  All the while, the amount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide expired in addition to heart rate is measured and monitored.

How Do I Prepare?

Patients should not eat a heavy meal before testing, wear comfortable clothing to exercise in and should not smoke 6 hours prior to the appointment.  Our concierge doctor will also advise the patient as to whether or not he/she should take bronchodilators or inhaler medicines. The non-invasive test is performed in My Concierge MD’s private Beverly Hills office using the latest in vo2max equipment.

How Long Will The Test Take?

The VO2 max test should take about an hour to complete.  The test results can be reviewed with you shortly thereafter with your primary care physician at My Concierge MD.

To learn more about VO2 exercise testing to see how it may assist your unique physiology, or to schedule your test date (under a physician’s recommendation), please fill in the form under Contact or call 877-760-3570 today!

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