What Is A Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is a recorder that records every heartbeat continuously to monitor for any issues or abnormalities with your heart’s rhythms. The Holter monitor is typically worn for 24 – 48 hours during the course of one’s normal activities. Normal results may indicate variations throughout the day, but no significant heart rate changes or patterns.  Abnormal results may indicate various arrhythmias or blockages that can be critical warning signs for further testing and treatment (e.g., the heart may not be getting a sufficient amount of oxygen). A 24 hour Holter monitor or event monitor can provide a lot of valuable information about heart events.

Medical Holter Monitor Test In Beverly Hills, LA - My Concierge MD

How is Holter Monitor Testing Performed?

Holter monitor testing begins with a visit with a concierge physician from My Concierge MD, either in our Beverly Hills office or at your house, hotel or workplace.

Electrodes, or small connectors attached by adhesives (see image above), will be attached to your chest at various areas and the monitor will be turned on by the physician.  You carry the device in your pocket or a pouch and go about your day.

You will then: Keep a diary of your activities and symptoms for the next 24-48 hours (see downloadable and printable Holter Monitor Diary as provided by the American Heart Association). It is extremely important that you write down activities accurately so that the doctor can match heart rhythms with what you have done throughout the day. Stay away from magnets, electric blankets, and metal detectors – remember, it’s an electrical device! Return to our offices (or your concierge physician comes to you). The doctor will then review the results to check for abnormal heart rhythm activity.

Who May Need Holter Monitor Testing?

In addition to recording the heart’s response to a patient’s normal activities, it can also be used in the following circumstances:

After a patient has suffered a heart attackIn the diagnosis of certain heart rhythm issuesMonitoring the effects of heart medicationIn the diagnosis of heart palpitationsWhen a patient is experiencing fainting or lightheadednessAtrial fibrillationOther heart-related symptoms

How Will the Holter Monitor Test Feel?

A holter heart monitor test or event monitor is painless.  Some patients may need to have areas of the chest shaved in order to accommodate the adhesives, and others may find some difficulty in sleeping given the monitor being so close the body.

How Do I prepare for a medical heart monitor test?

There really is nothing for the patient to do in order to prepare for it. You will need to inform your concierge doctor if you are allergic to tape or adhesives.

Prior to your appointment, you will want to bathe or shower as you will not be able to do so for the duration of the test (electrical equipment).

How Long Will The Test Take?

Again, after a short visit to attach the electrodes and start the Holter monitor, the testing should take 24-48 hours to complete.  The test results can be reviewed with you at that time with your concierge physician at My Concierge MD.

To learn more about this testing or to schedule YOUR test date (under a concierge physician’s recommendation), please fill in the form under Contact or call 877-760-3570 today!

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