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Despite not yet having FDA clearance for use in medicine, the GHK-Cu peptide has drawn interest because of its possible positive effects, which include wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

It is thought to assist tissue regeneration, increase antioxidant capacity, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen. As with any peptide, it is essential to consult a doctor prior to use. For additional information about GHK-Cu peptide and its possible advantages, please contact My Concierge MD.

What Is GHK-Cu Peptide?

The human body naturally contains GHK-Cu peptide, sometimes referred to as copper peptide. This peptide has amazing healing and restoring qualities and is composed of the amino acids glycyl-histidyl-lysine.

Due to its capability to aid in tissue repair overall, skin regeneration, and wound healing, GHK-Cu received focus. It is a promising ingredient for skin and healthcare items because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The human copper-binding peptide GHK-Cu (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine) is a small, naturally occurring tri-peptide present in human plasma that can also be released from tissues in case of an injury. Since its discovery in 1973, GHK-Cu has established itself as a powerful protective and regenerative ingredient, which is currently widely used in skin and hair products [1].

What Is The GHK-Cu Peptide’s Mechanism Of Action?

GHK-Cu functions by connecting to copper ions, which are necessary catalysts for a quantity of enzymes needed to form elastin and collagen, whether used topically or given intravenously.

It has been shown that GHK-Cu increases the synthesis of metalloproteinases, which are the enzymes in charge of breaking down elastin and damaged collagen at the cellular level. The synthesis of fresh elastin and collagen fibers is made possible by this procedure, which is referred to as extracellular matrix remodeling.

How Is GHK-Cu Peptide Used In Skincare Products?

In skincare formulations that can be applied topically to the skin, such as serums, creams, and masks, GHK-Cu peptide is included. Because of its tiny molecular size, it can enter the skin and effectively work on a cellular level to provide benefits. GHK-Cu peptide can help maintain skin that is radiant and youthful when used as part of a regular skincare routine.

Recent studies demonstrated this substance has a broad range of anti-aging activity. GHK is normally used as its copper 2+ complex GHK-Cu, which in low, non-toxic concentrations facilitates skin healing and remodeling, reduces inflammatory mediators, and increases the production of important growth factors and molecular regulators such as decorin. A series of facial studies conducted by different researchers demonstrated that GHK-Cu containing creams reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, and skin laxity [2].

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What Are GHK-Cu Peptide’s Possible Advantages?

GHK-Cu peptide may provide the following benefits:

Treating Wounds

A possible component for skincare items meant to encourage skin regeneration is GHK-Cu peptide, which has shown promise in aiding tissue repair and wound healing.

Skin Regeneration

GHK-Cu peptide has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that may help maintain youthful, glowing skin and aid in the regeneration of the skin.

Collagen Biosynthesis

The synthesis of elastin and collagen, which are essential for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness, has been found to be stimulated by the GHK-Cu peptide.

Anti-Aging Activity

According to recent research, GHK-Cu peptide exhibits a wide range of anti-aging properties, including the ability to lessen wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, and loose skin.

Restructuring The External Layer

The GHK-Cu peptide stimulates the synthesis of metalloproteinases, which are enzymes that aid in the cellular breakdown of damaged collagen and elastin and stimulate the making of new collagen and elastin fibers.

As animal experiments show, treating wounds with GHK leads to elevated levels of antioxidant enzymes. GHK also possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. GHK inactivated damaging free radical by-products of lipid peroxidation, such as 4-hydroxynonenal, acrolein, malondialdehyde, and glyoxal, protecting cultured skin keratinocytes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation [3].

How Are GHK-Cu Peptides Used?

GHK-Cu peptides should only be used twice a day; they should never be used in conjunction with active ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest using a single copper peptide product, such as a serum or moisturizer, no more than twice a day.

How Are GHK-Cu Peptides Used

Although topical copper peptides have been thoroughly studied and have minimal to no side effects, there is always a possibility that your skin won’t react well to them. Before using any new product containing ingredients you haven’t used before for skincare, you should always conduct a patch test.

Does Using Copper Peptides Have Any Drawbacks?

There are a few possible disadvantages to think about.

Sensitivity And Allergies

Some people may be allergic to copper peptides or develop skin sensitivity. Any skincare product containing GHK-Cu peptide should be tested on a patch first, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Active Ingredient Interactions

It is important to note that GHK-Cu peptide should not be combined with specific active ingredients. Seeking guidance from a dermatologist or skincare professional is crucial to verify compatibility with other skincare products.

Suggested Utilization Period

GHK-Cu peptide should be taken twice daily, according to recommended usage. Following this recommendation is crucial because overuse can cause skin sensitivity or irritation.

Some users also report low blood pressure after use, which means that there is an indication that you should not use too much at one time. This has not been reproduced in studies with reliable effects, but it is considered an area that needs more attention [4].

GHK Cu Peptide Near Me

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