Glutathione IV Skin Lightening: Myth or Fact

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“Skin as white as snow, lips as red as a rose.” – Who doesn’t admire the beauty of Snow White? Now imagine you have that glowing, radiant, and bright skin that makes everyone dazzled.


Do you think it’s only possible in a fairy tale? No, you don’t need to be in a fairy tale to have the radiant glow. Glutathione IV therapy is here to make your dream come true.


Glutathione IV therapy and glutathione injection are a process of supplying glutathione to your bloodstream.


It is a potent antioxidant that your body produces naturally. It boosts immunity, energy, and healthy and lighter skin.


However, how does glutathione work? How long does glutathione IV take to work? How many glutathione injections should I take? Start reading and contact My Concierge, MD, if you want all your answers.

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that your body produces naturally in your liver. Glycine, glutamine, and cysteine are the three amino acids construct glutathione.


Glutathione contains a sticky sulfur chemical group that traps free radicals in your body and neutralizes them. The elimination of free radicals boosts your immunity and energy.


This powerful antioxidant benefits your skin too – lighten and whiten your uneven skin tone by detoxifying your body and blocking the enzyme tyrosinase, causing pigmentation.

What Is Glutathione IV Therapy?

Glutathione IV therapy is an effective and safe way to supply glutathione into your bloodstream. As the inserting glutathione bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, they don’t break down, ensuring optimum benefit.


You can also take glutathione orally. However, it carries half of the content as it breaks down in your stomach during metabolism. So you don’t achieve substantial benefits like IV therapy.


You usually need to go to a doctor’s office to take the treatment, which takes 20 to 30 minutes. However, My Concierge, MD, offers Glutathione infusion at the comfort of your home or office. You can scroll on your phone, read, or gossip with your friend while taking the drip.


You have to get the therapy once a week for eight to ten weeks. After the procedure, you can return to your daily activities and routine.

Glutathione IV Skin Lightening: Myth or Fact

Can glutathione lighten my skin? Or is it just a myth?


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant – in short, the mother of all antioxidants that cleanse your body from toxins efficiently. Most importantly, it can convert melanin to a lighter color and deactivate the enzyme, producing skin pigmentation.

Glutathione IV and Injection Skin Lightening

As a result, you achieve a brighter, lighter, and even skin tone.


Therefore, the answer to your question is – yes, glutathione IV therapy can effectively lighten your skin.


Surprisingly, glutathione treatment has become a popular and chosen skin whitening treatment. However, getting the therapy in a safe and steadfast healthcare center with expert doctors such as My Concierge, MD, will be wise and prudent.

How Does Glutathione IV work?

Glutathione is a sticky chemical group that three amino acids construct. Its significant work is to neutralize free radicals, transform melanin, and block the enzyme that causes pigmentation.


When you get glutathione directly into your body, it starts working immediately. It halts the activation of Tyrosinase and blocks the enzyme to produce melanin.


Melanin is the pigment responsible for your skin color; greater melanin means darker skin.


Glutathione neutralizes free radicals in your body that usually produce tyrosinase. When there is less production of tyrosinase, there is less melanin production in your body. As a result, you get lighter skin.


In addition, glutathione speeds up cell recovery by replacing damaged cells that cause your skin to look dark and dim. New cells brighten your skin and give you a radiant glow.

How Long Does Glutathione IV take To Work?

How many glutathione IV or how many glutathione injections should I take to get glowing skin? 


While taking a glutathione drip or injection, you need to show some patience. Yes, patience is bitter; however, the fruit you will get is sweet and delicious.


Firstly, you have to consider your skin color as the process depends on it. You have to wait around three weeks to meet any noticeable changes.


In addition, your final result also depends on your health, metabolism, and how consistently you follow up with your treatment.


People with light-medium brown skin usually see the lightning effect in 1 to 3 months. If you have dark brown skin, it may take 3 to 6 months to see the change.


However, if your skin is very dark, you have to wait for 12 to 18 months to have the glutathione effect.


Therefore, the best suggestion for anyone planning a glutathione treatment is to be patient and positive.

How Many Glutathione Injection Should I Take?

Glutathione drip usually requires weekly intravenous administration.

 You may need to take eight to ten sessions for your dream color. However, it varies from person to person, depending on your skin, health, absorption, and consistency.


As for glutathione injection, doctors usually recommend a dose of 600 to 1200 mg once or twice per week. You will have to take the injection in your arm or your buttock.


Usually, it takes three weeks for the glutathione injection to show any result. By cleaning the toxins and free radicals, glutathione injection effectively resolves several skin issues – hyperpigmentation, sun spots, wrinkles, melasma, etc.


The benefit of glutathione for acne, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation is immense. However, to get a 100% result of glutathione therapy, you need regular follow-up and tons of patience.

Does Glutathione Therapy Work Permanently?

Glutathione effect of brighter and lighter skin permanent if only you maintain it properly. The effect usually doesn’t disappear even after you stop your treatment.


Remember to stay away from sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can make your skin tan and dark.


Additionally, avoid exposing yourself to harsh elements, pollutants, and harmful chemicals.


And finally, avoid alcohol and maintain a healthy diet that boosts glutathione levels in your body.

Glutathione IV and Injection Side effects

Glutathione IV therapy or glutathione injection is usually safe. That’s why it’s becoming popular. However, every individual is unique, and so is their response.


Some common side effects of glutathione treatment include-


  • Cramping and bloating
  • Allergic reactions
  • Low zinc levels
  • Toxicity of the nervous system
  • Toxicity of the kidney and liver
  • Headaches
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  • Nausea.
  • Skin rashes, hives
  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Breathing problem
  • Chest pain
  • Weight gain

Take Away

Glutathione treatment is a safe and effective way to achieve lighter and brighter skin. This powerful antioxidant benefits several skin problems like wrinkles, acne, dark spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.


However, where to get glutathione therapy successfully? How many glutathione injections should I take? How long does glutathione IV take to work?


Contact My Concierge, MD, to get all your answer and the best administration of glutathione treatment. Dr. David Nazarian is an expert and efficient doctor, providing the best treatment plan for you with successful administration, monitoring, and results – the radiant and dazzling you.

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