Our Bioidentical hormone replacement doctors are highly trained in the replacement of bioidentical hormones in both men and women. Bioidentical hormone therapy is a treatment that gained public interest specifically in 2002 when it was released as an alternative to synthetic hormone treatments. Bioidentical hormones accurately replicate hormones in chemical and molecular structure that are produced in our bodies. Hormone replacement therapy including natural replacement for the treatment of menopause, male aging, premenopause, sleep, headaches, fatigue, andropause is offered in our Beverly Hills clinic.

During the reproductive peak in a woman’s life she experiences a regular release of hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As her age progresses so does the lag time between releasing the hormone until finally menopause sets in, no longer stimulating an estrogen release for eggs. The aim of all hormone replacement is to maintain the lost balance within a woman’s body as she experiences her transitional phase of menopause.

Women who choose bioidentical hormone replacement are seeking alternatives to traditional therapies that might be synthetic. Benefits to bioidentical hormone replacement include less bleeding and bloating and a formulation that is bioidentical to what is produced naturally in the body.

Men start to experience Andropause or the decrease of the male hormone testosterone at age 30. There is more of a gradual decrease in the production of testosterone then after age 40. Bioidentical testosterone therapy aims to replace the lost testosterone levels.

Synthetic hormone replacement compared to natural hormone replacement

Differences exist in the synthetic production of hormone replacement and the production of bioidentical hormones. The first can be seen in the names alone; synthetic verses natural. Bioidentical hormones are manufactured and produced to perfectly mirror hormones found in our bodies. As these hormones are lost during menopause women may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweating, depression, hair loss, inability to maintain weight loss and problems associated with mood and emotional well-being. As testosterone the male hormone is lost during andropause, men experience decrease sexual drive, decrease muscle mass, increase fat, decrease energy and more. Synthetic hormones make the same claims as bioidentical hormones, but are synthesized in a different way that aren’t as close and effective as bioidentical hormones.

Progesterone and Estrogen

The two hormones responsible for balancing a woman’s reproductive success are progesterone and estrogen. Both of these hormones are offered in bioidentical hormone replacement. Natural progesterone is responsible for maintaining balance between the body and mind. Healthy production of progesterone can reduce stress and anxiety as well as ward off symptoms associated with menopause.

Benefits over synthetic hormones with progesterone include protection against:OsteoporosisBloating and bleedingOvarian diseaseHeart diseaseEstrogen, similar to progesterone, decreases as a woman reaches the end of her reproductive cycle. Produced to facilitate the stimulation of an egg release, estrogen is responsible for maintaining the balance of hormones during the reproductive peak of a woman’s life. With time estrogen decreases leading to the body’s vulnerability to:Heart diseaseBone density lossOsteoporosisUrinary tract collapseVaginal drynessDecrease in collagen

Bioidentical hormones aim to replace the loss of progesterone and estrogen at the most vulnerable point in a woman’s life. The changes experienced during menopause don’t have to be uncomfortable, contact our physicians to learn more about the use of bioidentical hormone replacement and how it may apply to the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Bioidentical testosterone replacement aims to replace lost testosterone levels as men go through andropause. Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy include increase cognition, mood, sexual drive and libido, increase muscle mass, increase in bode density and more.

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