Our hormone replacement clinic and hormone replacement doctors are highly trained in hormone replacement therapy in men and women.

Hormone replacement therapy is used to assist women during menopause and men undergoing andropause. The treatment produces and replaces lost hormones, giving the body relief from menopausal as well as andropause symptoms. Loss of male and female hormones can cause both physical and emotional changes that can be difficult to manage at the initial or progressive sign of symptoms. Rapid changes and loss of hormones in the body can have adverse physical effects and emotional effects that range from moodiness to depression. Treatment through hormone replacement aims to alleviate these symptoms and create a restored balance throughout the body.

Without an appropriate balance of hormones found in an individual’s body, various conditions can occur including:

  • Vulnerability to osteoporosis
  • Less elasticity in the skin
  • Vulnerability to heart disease
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness and problems associated with sleep
  • Inability to maintain weight loss
  • Moodiness, depression

Hormone replacement treatment can be applied in various ways. Our doctors will consult with you and go over the various treatment options that best fit your needs. HRT or hormone replacement therapy can be taken in various forms including:

  • Tablet form (taken orally)
  • Dermally (as a patch)
  • Surgical implant (inserted in the buttock, thigh or stomach)
  • Gel form (applied to skin)

HRT can be adjusted in women and men to provide them with the optimal levels of hormones in their bodies. Many women and men have benefited from the treatments they have received in our clinic using hormone replacement. Research has shown that the benefits can range from restored bone health to an increase in energy, less bloating and fatigue to regeneration of the skin and reproductive organs. Used as a preventative measure HRT is a mechanism of treatment that will not only preserve internal and external organs from the decay that comes with age but also wards against conditions and diseases that decrease longevity of life.

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