Why My Concierge MD is the Best Alcohol Detox Option for You?

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My Concierge MD- the Best Alcohol Detox Option for You

Are you a chronic alcoholic and considering quitting alcohol? If you have decided to stop drinking addiction permanently, remember the journey may not be easy. However, you can defeat your addiction with determination, effort, and proper guidance.

Everyone is unique. So, your withdrawal symptoms will also be different from others regarding alcohol quitting. The withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe, becoming uncomfortable and even dangerous. Now is the moment for detox.

Alcohol detox is the first step to treating alcohol use disorder, AUD, when your body flushes out alcohol completely. However, the withdrawal symptoms can change aggressively quickly. So, it’s important to detox under the care of medical professionals.

Why My Concierge, MD, is the best alcohol detox option for you? The detox doctors and medical professionals at My Concierge MD have the proper training to evaluate each individual’s addiction history and medical history and create a detox program that perfectly fits each individual’s needs.

What Is Detox?

Detox is the first step to stopping your alcohol addiction. Detox helps you manage your withdrawal symptoms, enabling you to start the treatment of your drinking issue. If you have a long history of alcohol drinking, you need professional help to stop your alcohol drinking safely. The healthcare provider will determine your AUD severity and decide the detox plan suitable for you. Alcohol detox aims to make sure you do not encounter severe withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification procedure may take 2 to 7 days, depending on your use of alcohol.

When Do You Need A Detox Program?

The detox program eases the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, how to determine if you need the detox plan? It’s simple. Just ask this question to yourself – do you need alcohol to feel normal? If your answer is assertive, you need the detox program.

Quitting an addiction like AUD is challenging that requires determination and dedication. However, it’s become manageable when you get a good guide. People with alcohol detox stories also confirm professional guidance’s effectiveness in helping break off their addiction. A detox program gives you that guide and support that helps ease symptoms and take care of your overall mental and physical well-being.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol is a depressant that impacts your central nervous system, causing the feeling of euphoria. As your body maintains balance, your brain will make receptors to excite the nervous system. Slowly, with continuous drinking for months and years, your body depends on the process. Now, when you suddenly stop drinking, your body takes time to adjust to it as you take away alcohol both from the natural receptor and the additional receptor due to drinking.

As a result, your body encounters several symptoms that include-

  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Tremors, especially in your hands
  • Hallucination
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • DTs or delirium tremens – a life-threatening problem that causes fever, hallucination, and seizure with excessive restlessness, paranoia, and confusion

What Can You Expect During Detox?

Your withdrawal symptoms usually last a week or more, and the detox program helps you ease and manage those symptoms. The primary symptoms are generally mild, starting about 6 hours after your last drink; however, they may quickly worsen with time. The symptoms typically peak at 18 to 24 hours and eventually decrease after 4 to 5 days.

You may experience the worst delirium tremens within 24-72 hours if you encounter severe withdrawal symptoms. However, by the end of the first week of your detox, many symptoms will start to decrease. Some may persist for a few weeks but are mild, and medication can treat them.

In addition, body odor alcohol detox due to excessive sweating is another issue you may face. However, it will fade away eventually when you complete your detox period. While these sweating and odors are bothersome and unpleasant, they signal that your body is cleansing itself by releasing all the toxins from you.

In this crucial and challenging journey of your life, a detox program support you to face and fight your symptoms and get ready for your treatment that includes-

  • Getting your blood testing
  • Talking about your health and drinking history
  • Several tests to ensure your physical and mental health
  • Medication to ease your symptoms
  • Regular check-ups of your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing
  • Supporting and assisting you in starting your treatment to break your addiction

Types Of Detox Programs

Depending on your condition, severity, and comfortability, you can expect the following types of detox programs suggested by your healthcare provider.

Inpatient Or Residential Program

In this plan, you will live at a hospital, detox clinic, or rehab center during your detox for a week or two. The healthcare providers in those centers will offer around-the-clock care to help you through your symptoms. However, if you have severe symptoms and difficulty staying sober, a residential program is there where you have to stay at a rehab center for 1-3 months.

Outpatient Program

In this program, you usually stay at home and visit your healthcare provider or rehab center, such as IOP Ohio, regularly for medication and therapy sessions. The outpatient program is less expensive, highly effective, and safe for mild to moderate symptoms. An outpatient program also ensures privacy if you do not want others to know about your problem. At My Concierge, MD, the highly-trained physicians offer effective and individualized detox programs to treat and relieve your symptoms, even the most severe symptoms of your addiction.

Types Of Detox Program - MyconciergeMD

Alcohol Detox At Home

At-home alcohol detoxification is a good option if you like to detox from alcohol in your comfort zone-your home and it provides long-term support. Home detox is private, confidential, safe, and effective, where your healthcare provider directly communicates with you to treat your conditions. It is ideal for celebrities, high-profile individuals, and c-suite, c-level executives who want privacy and confidentiality.


Your medication depends on your condition. You may not need medication, only therapy and support sessions if your symptoms are mild. However, doctors will prescribe you medication, fluids, and specific vitamins if you have moderate to severe symptoms. Your medication may include the following-


It’s a popular medicine that providers use to ease your detox phase. This medication helps to calm your nervous system and reduces the possibility of seizures. Doctors also prescribe it to treat insomnia, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Neuroleptic medications

Your doctor may prescribe you these medications that help prevent seizures and agitation. They typically depress your nervous system activity. Doctors also prescribe anticonvulsants, beta-blockers, and alpha-adrenergic agonists or Alpha Lipoic Acid to stabilize your symptoms.

Vitamins and Nutritional Support

If you have dehydration or are malnourished, your doctor may prescribe fluids or specific vitamins, especially vitamins C and B. They can also prescribe nutrients – folic acid, thiamine, and magnesium to balance your nutrient deficiency due to alcohol use.

Why My Concierge MD Is The Best Alcohol Detox Option For You?

Stopping drinking is a challenging journey. However, the journey becomes much more endurable if you face the challenge easily and comfortably. My Concierge, MD, offers that comfort zone for you with their advanced care.

Checking into a facility to treat your addiction is not always possible. My Concierge, MD, breaks the barrier by providing an outpatient plan that fits each individual’s needs. They also offer detox at home, where you can contact the physician anytime.

The facility offers customized treatment plans with individual attention and support. Providers first learn about your history, drinking habit, lifestyle, schedule, and obligations. Based on the information, they create a customized treatment plan suitable for your condition and busy schedule.

The concierge mediation offers-

  • A custom treatment plan based on your lifestyle, schedule, and goals
  • Focus on long-term outcomes
  • Minimize or eliminate the adverse symptoms linked with withdrawals
  • Complete and total privacy, preference, and secrecy
  • Highly trained detox nursing staff
  • Empathetic and personalized care
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • IV hydration and IV medications
  • Injection
  • Post-detox treatment for alcoholism
  • Lifestyle administration

Final Words

Alcoholism is a severe issue that requires medical attention. If you decide to quit drinking, remember that the journey is not smooth and easy. Instead, it’s challenging that requires your complete dedication and determination. Most importantly, you need professional care and support.

Why My Concierge, MD, is the best alcohol detox option for you? Because they offer the best suitable treatment for you that is specially made for you considering your history, lifestyle, and availability. Their expert and friendly physicians provide advanced care with utmost attention, understanding, and dedication.

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