Did you know that a pulmonary function test can diagnose various types of lung disorders and identify causes of shortness of breath?

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A pulmonary function test is a non-invasive diagnostic test that measures how well the lungs are taking in and releasing air, including how well the lungs are moving oxygen throughout the body.

A pulmonary function test is essential if you wish to:

  • Diagnose various type of lung disorders including emphysema and asthma
  • Identify causes behind shortness of breath
  • Measure lung function
  • Determine effects of exposure to chemicals on lung function
  • Assess medication effects
  • Measure and monitor treatments

In addition, the test can be performed on healthy individuals as part of their routine physical. The pulmonary function test is performed using a spirometer, advanced equipment that measures the amount of air a patient exhales and inhales. The test is non-invasive and simple. The patient breaths in and out of the mouth piece on the spirometer and may inhale a substance to yield certain results. The test only takes an hour to complete and your Concierge physician can review the results with you shortly thereafter. If you are having any symptoms of shortness of breath or simply want to ensure your lungs are functioning properly, visit My Concierge MD for a pulmonary function test!

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