Why In House Lab Testing is Appropriate in New Normal?

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Why In House Lab Testing is Appropriate in New Normal - MyConciergeMD

Health is wealth! In this pandemic era, your well-being and good health are a treasure.

Being fit and healthy requires regular medical checkups with your doctor. And to make the correct diagnosis, lab testing is essential. However, scheduling for lab testing in the different hospitals and waiting for hours don’t look promising and protected. Now what? Have you heard of in-house lab testing? In-house lab testing is excellent that lets you do the tests on-site, in your doctor’s office.

My Concierge, MD, is an elite medical facility equipped with the latest diagnostic testing equipment under one roof. From blood tests to advanced screening or diagnostic testing, all are ready for you with their expert doctor and technicians, offering you a happy and healthy life.

What Is In-House Lab Testing?

In-house lab testing provides you with various medical tests right in your doctor’s office. You don’t have to schedule an examination with in-house lab testing at any lab or hospital. Great, isn’t it? Lab testing is essential to diagnose your condition – the disease, the state, and risk factors. However, scheduling the test, frustrating waiting, the result- all take a heck of your precious moments. Moreover, it delays your treatment. In-house lab testing saves you from these troubles.

The medical facility with in-house lab testing usually features all modern equipment and highly skilled specialists to perform the tests. Your medical checkups, tests, diagnosis, treatment, and doctor’s advice are under one roof – not only time-saving but also safe and secure.

Moreover, your reports come fast, ensuring your timely diagnosis and treatment. With in-house lab testing, many medical providers perform various tests, such as urinalysis and blood tests at home. Especially Covid-19. It also saves you from many hazards and the risk of going outside.

Tests Done in In-House Lab Testing

The medical facilities usually offer a broad range of tests performed in the office. The standard in-house tests are-

  • Test for Diabetes
  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Heart Disease and EKG’s
  • Hypertension
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing testing
  • Vitamin deficiency testing
  • Hormone panel
  • TSH testing
  • Food allergy testing
  • STD testing
  • And many more

Why In House Lab Testing is Appropriate in New Normal

The new normal! The covid-19 pandemic has changed the picture of the whole world. Life adjustment becomes your priority, and coping with the ‘new normal’ sometimes is smooth and sometimes bumpy. However, we had to, and we are still doing great.

The petrifying pandemic demands prevention and protection: hygiene and social distancing become primary concerns. Where going outside to do a simple task like grocery seems scary, medical checkups and tests in hospitals are panic-stricken and blood-chilling. However, you can’t overlook your health.

The medical facilities providing in-house lab testing are genuinely admirable and appreciable. To see your doctor and doing all the necessary tests under one roof save you from several inconveniences. Your test results are quick, so your treatment; there is no need to schedule and wait for your turn in different labs or hospitals; most importantly, you are safe and secure, away from the crowd and Covid.

MyConcierge, MD, provides a safe and comfortable environment where you feel relaxed and secure. The doctor and technician are highly experts in running the test and giving accurate results in the shortest possible time. You come into the office with a shaky heart; however, you leave with utmost satisfaction and relief.

Why Choosing In-House Lab Testing

The advantages of in-house lab testing are immense. Imagine a single place handling all your tensions – diagnosis, tests, treatment, and advice. It is soothing and satisfying. Let’s check the advantages in-house lab testing is offering you-

Why Choosing In-House Lab Testing - MyConciergeMD

Effective Emergency Care

Suppose you need immediate medical attention with several tests and screening. If there is an in-house lab testing facility, your physician can run all the necessary tests you need and start your treatment within no time.

However, if in-house lab testing is not available, you have to go to the hospital for tests, which might take time, resulting in a severe outcome. A healthcare facility with a lab ensures timely test results, allowing your doctor a more proactive approach to treatment.


Time is money, and health is wealth. Health and time are both interconnected. Even the slightest second can make a huge difference. Therefore, where time is crucial, waiting is not a favorable option. In-house lab testing is your survival mode- saving your time, gas, difficulties, and hazards. It’s more convenient and quick – tests are promptly done, and the treatment is suitable and immediate.

Complete and Accurate Information

The physician constantly connects with an in-house lab testing facility staff in the offices. Depending on your condition and symptoms, your physician runs several tests.

However, some symptoms may emerge later that need attention and examination too. While in the healthcare center, seeing your new signs, the doctor may ask for more tests to get clear and complete information about you. In-house lab testing serves excellent here. Moreover, it reduces the risk of inaccurate lab work or results that may accidentally be “mixed up” in a busy lab environment with lots of distractions.

Diligent Approach

Lab testing provides vital information about your health. The course of action, procedure, treatment, and medication depends on it. In short, the plan for your recovery.

In-house lab testing helps the physician design a treatment plan focusing on your unique healthcare needs then and there. The ‘plan’ consists of your medication, therapy, surgery, exercise, and diet. Having lab work done in the office, diagnosing and treating your condition without delay, providing a complete plan for your well-being.


Cost is crucial when it comes to medical. In-house lab testing saves your time as well as protects your money. In-house lab testing is affordable and convenient, fully supports your medical plan. Moreover, it saves the cost of your gas and recurring runs to hospitals or labs.

Final Words

Why is in-house lab testing appropriate in the new normal? The reasons are apparent. Going to hospitals to see your doctor and then a different place for tests is inconvenient and dangerous in the new pandemic era. In-house lab testing ensures accuracy and safety undoubtedly.

If you are looking for a healthcare center with a quality in-house lab testing facility, My Concierge, MD, is your right place. Dr. David Nazarian and his expert team are ready to serve you with the best tests and treatments for your health. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated specialists to perform your necessary tests and a safe and sterile surrounding. The quick and accurate result ideally ensures the proper treatment plan to make you feel fit and fine straightaway.

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