Can Flu Shots Be Given at Home? Pros and Cons of In-home Flu Shots

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John: “Winter is coming!”

Flu: “ Me too!”

Every winter comes the aura of festive and fun; however, every winter, too, gets the feat of fever. Besides, the present panic of the COVID-19 pandemic magnifies the fear of flu or influenza zillion degrees. During these days of despair, the influenza vaccine, aka flu shot, is another name of reassuring and relief.

However, is flu shot safe? Going to the pharmacy seems threatening; can flu shots be given at home? Pros and cons of in-home flu shots are another matter of worry. If you, too, have these thoughts jamming your head, join me to riddle out.

What Are Flu Shots?

Influenza vaccines, often known as flu shots, protect you against the four flu viruses pretty familiar during the cold season.

Flu is a common yet potentially severe disease that can lead you to the hospital too. Even it doesn’t get that severe, it, with luxury, will give you a few bad-feeling days, missing schools or offices, exhaustion and tiredness, medicines, and often some other severe issues like pneumonia, ear infection, sinus infection, asthma, etc. An annual flu shot is the best possible way to shield you against this frightful flu. Even if you get sick after taking the vaccine, studies show that severity reduces significantly with the flu shot.

Usually, you get a flu shot in your arm with a needle, and it takes two weeks for the antibodies to develop after the vaccine. There is also a nasal spray flu vaccine available you can consider. Six months of age to older, everyone should get a flu shot every year during flu season. September and October are usually suitable for getting the vaccine; however, you can get it later in November, as the flu intensifies in February.

Can Flu Shots Be Given At Home?

Can you get the flu shot at home? Nowadays, it’s a common concern due to the alarming situation. Going to the hospital to get the vaccine seems panicky – a vicious creature lurching outside, ready to plunge. Hence, an in-home flu shot is simply favorable.

Moreover, in-home flu shots are the best solution for older people or people unable to go outside. Taking the shot in the comfort and safety of your home not only ensures your health and closers but also saves you from several hazards of going outside. If you get an in-home flu shot, a house call doctor and physician assistant will come to your home to perform the vaccination.

My Concierge, MD, is a healthcare center providing mobile flu shots, Los Angeles area considerably, with experienced and qualified doctors and staff. The best medical care is just a call away to offer you a flu shot in the privacy, convenience, and comfort of your home or desired location.

Pros and Cons Of In-home Flu Shots

Influenza is highly contagious that can often get serious, even life-threatening. So, flu shots are necessary. Among many places available to get the vaccine, the in-home flu shot is highly favorable. The advantages of the flu shot at home are numerous; however, it’s not devoid of cons like the moon’s dark side.


The in-home flu shot has several advantages that include-

Convenience Counts

Getting ready, driving miles, searching for a parking area, waiting in the hospital just for a shot is exasperating. Now imagine the hospital is coming to you with all its facilities, saving you from all the labor. Isn’t it great? In-home flu shots are undoubtedly convenient and comfortable, where you and the older people in your home can get the vaccine without the trouble of going outside.

Pandemic Problem

Covid-19 has changed the picture of the whole world, and it’s not going to leave us pretty soon. However, it would be a ‘miserablest’ tragedy if you become infected by Covid-19 while getting the flu shot from the people going to hospitals for Covid test. Why take the risk? Get the flu shots at home, in the safety and serenity, where you are not potentially at the risk of getting infected.

Cost Concern

Service at home always sounds expensive than in-office treatment. However, it’s not always true. In-home flu shots cost almost similar to the in-office vaccines. Contrarily, it’s more money-saving, as you don’t have to waste your fuel or pay for transportation.

Time Savers

Time is money; saving time, you are also saving money with an in-home flu shot. Going to the hospital to get a flu shot consumes a lot of your time- getting ready, the route, and the waiting. In-home flu shots preserve all those times for you while the doctor comes to you to give you the vaccine.


Can flu shots be given at home? Yes; however, there are some disadvantages-

Limited Access

Taking a flu shot at home sounds comforting; however, total service accessibility is not possible here. A hospital is ready to serve you with all its doctors, nurse, equipment, and emergency room. Now, you can’t expect to get all of them in your home. So, there is always ‘limited access’ to in-home flu shot service.

Germ Attack

Pandemic is a severe issue, and taking a flu shot at home saves you from this worrisome condition immensely. However, are you sure that germs and viruses will not enter your house? With an in-home service, there is always a possibility of bringing potential Covid-risk in your house.

Privacy Invasion

Privacy is everyone’s priority. But when you call a physician at your home to give you the shot, your privacy is somewhat compromised.

Is Flu Shot Safe For You?

Flu shots are safe. For many years, people of the United States have been taking flu shots safely. Being protected with the vaccine, they fight and survive the flu season better than those not taking it. In addition, severe side effects of flu shots are highly unusual; only 0.2 in a million or two. However, some people should not get the flu vaccine that includes-

  • Children less than six months of age
  • people with a history of severe reaction to the flu vaccine
  • those with egg or mercury allergies
  • those with GBS- a rare, autoimmune disorder

Benefits of Flu Vaccine

Flu shots are essential to protect you from disease during flu season. It has numerous advantages including-

Benefits of Flu Vaccine - MyConciergeMD

  • It prevents you from getting sick with the flu.
  • Lessens the severity of symptoms for those who may get the flu after the shot
  • Protects the community by lowering the risk of passing the flu onto vulnerable prone to illness
  • Decreases the risk of critical complications, hospitalization, and death
  • Provides extra protection in this pandemic era
  • Reduces the risk of flu-associated acute respiratory infection in pregnant women and protects the baby from flu for several months
  • Lowers the risk of child death due to flu

Side Effects of Flu Vaccine

However mild, there are some side effects of the flu shot that may last for 1 to 2 days only. Some common side effects of flu vaccines are-

  • Low-grade fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle pains
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Swelling, soreness, or redness around the area of the injection
  • Rarely the chance of developing febrile seizure, narcolepsy, asthma, or Guillain-Barry Syndrome.

Take Away

Flu is common and contagious, and during winter and fall, it’s almost unavoidable. Therefore, flu shots are a must. It protects you from getting sick by the flu. Even if you get flu, the vaccine will prevent the severity of your illness. However, can flu shots be given at home? Pros and cons of in-home flu shots- where can you get this information?

MyConcierge, MD, is the answer for all your trouble – a clinic ready to assist you with your inquiries, service, and vaccination with the board-certified doctors and expert staff. One call will provide you with a physician and assistant at your doorstep to provide you with the flu shot, taking every safety measure to keep you healthy and wholesome.

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